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Are Non-Smokers REALLY Taking up Vaping as Reports Suggest?

We get it already. There is a need to make as much money as possible. That’s why we continue to see these over-the-top exaggerated headlines from the media. Throw up a poorly written article but have a super-attractive headline, have tons of people click to it (because, who can stay away from such an outrageous […]

More Vaping Positives Happening in UK While USA Stumbles

It’s quite well-known that Americans and Britons don’t exactly like each other. Sure, we get along overall and our economies are strong. But when it comes to the cultural aspect of life, we often sling one-liner jokes back and forth at each other. Well, chalk up another one-liner win for us here in the UK…almost. […]

Is the UK Really Experiencing a Decline in E-cig Usage?

Who remembers when e-cigs first started gaining popularity? If you’re in the world of vaping, you know e-cigarettes started taking off around 2009. Since then, much of the world labeled these devices as a fad product. Not many people thought this novel idea would stick. Even pro-vaping enthusiasts were unsure about the success these products […]

The Key to Vaping’s Future? Science

When you think about the battle over the electronic cigarette industry, people are categorised into two groups: either the pro-vaping community or the anti-vaping lobbyists. Over the past decade, but especially over the last two years, it has been a bloodbath. The media, government and to some extent Big Tobacco corporations have led the public […]

More E-cig Brands Feeling the Heat

From a consumer’s viewpoint, it has been incredible to watch the rapid evolution of the e-cigarette industry since its inception. All industries generally go through some sort of evolution process. But when dealing with technology related products, we tend to see a quicker transformation unfold. As such, this has been the case with the electronic […]

Vaping in Canada Takes a Shocking Turn

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on vacation to North Korea? How about Saudi Arabia? Or Libya! Don’t lie – we all know you’ve been secretly planning your next getaway to one of these beacons of democracy! In all seriousness, we in the West like to hold ourselves to higher […]

The Most Ridiculous Vaping “Research” Report has Arrived

One of the core foundations of Western culture is education. For years, a lot of emphasis has been put on it. After all, these students will be leading the next generation into a world full of both light and darkness, much of which is captured by sensationalist headlines. While all universities are recognised and respected […]

The Path to Normalising Vaping is Here

Long time readers of E Cigarette Reviews UK know that we criticise all of the anti-vaping media hyperbole about e-cigarettes. We have good reason to do so when it seems like every week a malicious and / or dramatic report is put out about vaping, with no hard-conclusive answers to boot. Some may say that […]

More In-Depth Studies Planned for E-cigarettes

Just the other week, we were discussing our displeasure at the lack of conclusive evidence there has been regarding e-cig research. It has been a decade already. With all of our technological advancements and medical knowledge, we should already have answers about just how much harm reduction e-cigarettes provide. The new study (linked to above), […]

Will a New E-cigarette Study Finally Bring Conclusive Evidence?

Avid fans of e-cigarettes and vaping are no strangers to the various research reports about electronic cigarettes. Whether the results shed a positive or negative light about the health effects of vaping, you’ve seen the studies throughout the years. Unfortunately, many of these reports have been full of hyperbole and used ridiculous / unrealistic conditions, […]