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The Path to Normalising Vaping is Here

Long time readers of E Cigarette Reviews UK know that we criticise all of the anti-vaping media hyperbole about e-cigarettes. We have good reason to do so when it seems like every week a malicious and / or dramatic report is put out about vaping, with no hard-conclusive answers to boot. Some may say that […]

More In-Depth Studies Planned for E-cigarettes

Just the other week, we were discussing our displeasure at the lack of conclusive evidence there has been regarding e-cig research. It has been a decade already. With all of our technological advancements and medical knowledge, we should already have answers about just how much harm reduction e-cigarettes provide. The new study (linked to above), […]

Will a New E-cigarette Study Finally Bring Conclusive Evidence?

Avid fans of e-cigarettes and vaping are no strangers to the various research reports about electronic cigarettes. Whether the results shed a positive or negative light about the health effects of vaping, you’ve seen the studies throughout the years. Unfortunately, many of these reports have been full of hyperbole and used ridiculous / unrealistic conditions, […]

Apple is Sending Interesting Signals for Vaping Industry

When you think of some of the largest electronic cigarette companies in the world, several Big Tobacco brands come to mind such as Blu and E-Lites. Perhaps a few large online retailers like V2 Cigs, UK E Cig Store and JacVapour also ring a bell. So when news that Apple filed a patent for ‘vaporizer’ […]

Vaping Regulations: All Eyes on the US

Less than one year ago, things weren’t looking too great for the vaping world. Governments across the globe started to crack down on electronic cigarettes, which culminated with the notorious TPD and FDA decisions. While thousands of pro vaping organisations lobbied on behalf of e-cigs, it wasn’t enough. Political leaders, likely encouraged by Big Tobacco […]

Vaping Research Contradicting Itself Again; Hilarity Ensues

From time to time, we are privy to stellar electronic cigarette research. Even if the evidence is not exactly in our favour, we will publish it. But, finding solid evidence in our day and age is difficult. In today’s media-focused world, it’s hard to find actual data-driven research. Nowadays, a lot of hyperbole is used, […]

For Fertility’s Sake? Some Say a Ban on Vaping Flavours is Needed

Just when you thought lobby groups scientists couldn’t get any worse in regard to vaping, it happens! In what is by far the most ludicrous piece of “research” we have ever seen, “scientists” have found that flavoured e-juice is extremely harmful to a man’s sperm. Unfortunately, the report has yet to be published so everything […]

The E-Cigarette Brand That Could Have Been

Several months ago, we had written about the rise and fall of one of the largest electronic cigarette brands in the world. Approximately three weeks before we published that article, this brand had announced that they had to ‘temporarily’ stop shipping to customers, as they were experiencing ‘operational issues.’ Of course, this was all a façade, as […]

In Question: The Rise or Fall of ‘Brand Loyalty’ in E-Cigs

We can’t help but remember the ole’ days of the electronic cigarette industry, specifically in the United States. After all, it is there where e-cigarettes truly made an impact on the world. Back then, there were just a small handful of companies trying to cement themselves in a new and emerging market. The problem was […]

Media Starting to Get it Right With E Cigs?

Whether you are for or against electronic cigarettes and vaping, you are most certainly familiar with the widely talked about exploding e cig batteries. From here in the UK to the United States and across the EU, there have been an increasing number of electronic cigarette explosions every year. What started as an extremely rare […]