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Finally Conclusive? E-Cigs are Best Option for Smoking Cessation

You’ve heard it before. You’ve seen the research results. E-cigarettes are, in fact, a viable smoking cessation device. You know, to be honest, we’re kind of getting sick and tired of showing the results of these studies. Unfortunately though, it must be done to counter anyone who is anti-vaping. These people have some sick and […]

Has the War on E-Cigs Finally Ended as Some Suggest?

This past week was one of the most active in the UK e-cigarette market. In fact, since Brexit, there really hasn’t been all that much news regarding the fate of e-cigs. But, as we’ve mentioned in the past, when the news hits, it hits BIG TIME. And that’s exactly what happened earlier this week. E-Cigarette […]

Good News? Less US Teens Vaping Says Report

It’s a widely accepted stance that laws are great things to have in place. It keeps people safe and things in order. But, the main reason why we put laws into place is for the sake of children and future generations. It’s why we care so much about the environment, for example. Sure, it’s about […]

MASSIVE Correlation Between E-Cigs and Declining Tobacco Usage Rates

In the age of instant gratification and media sensationalism, it seems everyone has an ego these days. And, it’s not just limited to individuals. We see larger corporations beating their chests and ranting about just how awesome they are. Even if these organisations are pro-vaping, we’re going to call them out when they dramatise things. […]

Reinforced Report: E-Cigarettes are a Computer Security Risk

Whenever reports come out regarding e-cigarettes nowadays, people no longer tend to exaggerate. That’s because a lot of hyperbole and sensational headlines were used over the last decade. “The Shocking Truth About E-Cigarettes” or “You Won’t Believe What This Report Said About E-Cigs.” We were accustomed to these headlines. And, the text of the article […]

Well Look at That: E-cig Users on the Rise in the UK

We can all agree that when it comes to the media, there is a certain level of trust issues we have to come have with them. It’s not just us. Most people distrust the media. The research has proven this over and over again. This is especially true when it comes to industries with a […]

Breaking E Cig Research: Are We Doomed?

When e-cigarette research comes out, everyone seems to hold their breath. This applies to both sides of the vaping debate. That’s because science is science, and facts cannot be twisted. Moreover, just as we thought we were getting somewhere, especially in regard to media bias against electronic cigarettes, nope…it seems we have regressed. But more […]

Should You be Vaping CBD Oil?

The electronic cigarette industry has made great strides in delivering premium products to users across the globe. Over the last decade, we have really seen a significant improvement in the quality of vaping devices and consumables. But, the most drastic change has come to e-liquids. When e-cigs first broke onto the scene, users wouldn’t even […]

E Cigarettes and Vaping After the TPD: A Macro Look

The infamous May 20, 2017 date is now behind us. The TPD is here. Though there is a chance that in the future the TPD will be repealed, we should be focusing on the reality on the ground today. So, now that the TPD is here, what’s in store for the electronic cigarette industry going […]

If You’re Serious About Wanting to Quit Smoking, Read This Now

For years now, groups and individuals alike have been trying to find a way to rid the world of tobacco. From new laws and regulations to help courses and addiction fighting, we have been able to reduce global smoking rates year over year. However, we have not quite been able to tackle the problem altogether. […]