E-cigarette Brands

Finding the right e cigarette can be a daunting task. In addition to there being hundreds of e cigarette brands on the market, there are also so many variables that need to be considered before making your choice. Below is a list of the top rated e cigarette brands in the UK. Each review goes into an immense amount of detail on the respective company and their products. Everything from flavours to battery performance to shipping (and more) has been covered. You will likely not find a more comprehensive breakdown of electronic cigarettes. We are confident that our reviews will guide you in finding the best e cigarette for your needs.


V2 Cigs Review

“We strive to give you the most accurate and up to date information regarding the brands and products we review. We strongly encourage our readers to read the review in its entirety.” – Team ECRUK V2 Cigs broke onto the scene in the United States back in 2010 which is considered to be a relative […]


VaporFi Review

“VaporFi unequivocally offers unrivaled customisation options and the widest range of premium e-liquids on the market.” – Team ECRUK As the vaping world continues to grow, so do the number of e-cigarette brands on the market. The issue with this is that almost all of these brands, with the exception of perhaps one other, only cater […]


Apollo Review

Use our exclusive coupon code “ECRUK” for a whopping 20% discount! Apollo e cigarettes is a brand that we have consistently heard about over the last half decade. We never thought to test them out for two reasons: 1) they (used to) predominantly focus on the US market and 2) they are *relatively* expensive compared […]


JacVapour Review

As we all know, e cigarettes started taking off in 2008. However, the market really started heating up in 2010. Electronic cigarette companies were popping up left and right. This made it enormously difficult to find a good quality e cigarette. One of those companies to sprout up in 2010 was Jac Vapour (they are […]


ePuffer Review

When you think about electronic cigarettes in the UK, company names that come to mind are V2 Cigs, JacVapour, Blu – etc. With close to 3 million vapers in the UK, you would assume that most of these vapers buy e-cigs from one of these companies. There are hundreds of other brands on the market […]


Blu E Cigs UK Review

Okay, hold onto your trousers because the story behind Blu E Cigs is by far the most interesting and entertaining we have come across. Blu was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Jason Healy. It gained a massive following in the U.S. – so much so, that a short three years later, Blu E Cigs […]


SMOKO Review

“Smoko is a great replacement for people who were vaping Green Smoke cig-a-likes. ECRUK readers save 50% on all Smoko starter kits with voucher code: SAVE50%ER” – Team ECRUK When we first came across Smoko Electronic Cigarettes and its website, we were initially hesitant. It’s rarely a good sign when an e-cigarette company promotes their price […]


Elites Review

While E-Lites is a reputable e-cigarette company on its own, V2 Cigs is widely considered the go to brand for beginner and intermediate e-cig UK users.” – Team ECRUK Although E-Lites electronic cigarettes have run into some stiff competition, they are still widely considered a top UK e cigarette by thousands of people. Known for […]


UK E Cig Store Review

The electronic cigarette industry is constantly evolving. A few years ago, it seemed like everyone was vaping on a two piece e-cigarette. A lot has changed since, with most vapers preferring vape pens or sub-ohm kits over their cig-a-like predecessors. Shockingly, many e-cigarette companies still only offer cig-a-like kits to their customer base (yes – […]


Cigees Review

Cigees is a little known e cigarette UK company. In fact, if you were to look around for e cigarette reviews, there is rarely any mention of them online or in the news. So, how did they land in the top 5 electronic cigarette brands in the UK market? Well really, the only reason why […]


Green Smoke Review

UPDATE: As of April 5th 2016, Green Smoke has decided to stop selling in the UK. If you are stuck with Green Smoke cartridges or batteries, you can get a FREE adapter that fits perfectly with / onto your Green Smoke supplies here. If you have been searching for an electronic cigarette, you have probably already come across Green […]