Kanger TopBox Nano Review

For all the love the Eleaf iStick 30W got several years back, it pales in comparison to the Kanger TopBox Nano mod. The reason being? Most vaping companies are just that to consumers – companies. I.e. businesses that create products for their needs. KangerTech is truly one company that stands out. They have one of the most loyal following in the industry and it’s easy to see why. Their products are usually top shelf and this is especially true with the TopBox Nano. This is primarily because the TopBox Nano is essentially a hybrid mix of their top 2 products – the SubBox Mini and the SubTank Mini.

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When you first open the sturdy cardboard box, you will be surprised. This box mod is definitely on the smaller side of mods in general. For such a small mod, it’s performance is beyond impressive. But, we will get to performance below. The mod itself is very durable. It won’t break on impact should you drop it. One of the nicer things we liked was that the user intuitiveness was taken into consideration by KangerTech. The USB port sits right below the digital screen, allowing for ‘stand up’ charging. The fire button and two adjustment buttons sit on each side of the screen. Additionally, one of the main things vapers love about this kit is that it accepts a single 18650 battery – the most common battery on the market. And, the TopBox Nano uses a magnectic battery door, which makes battery swapping easy. But, the most standout feature of the TopBox Nano is the size. It is one of the smallest mods on the market, which makes for excellent control in your palm. From a build perspective, it doesn’t get any better.

Kanger TopBox Mini

Kanger TopBox Nano Build

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One of our favourite tanks on the market was the SubTank Nano. In fact, it’s rated as one of the best overall tanks on the market. Forget the 304 stainless steel, adjustable air flow valve, and the Japanese organic cotton coils – the main reason why people love this is because they can stretch out its usage for 3-4 weeks. Now with the TopTank Nano, which is what the TopBox Nano mod comes with, they have changed the one feature vapers were complaining about – refill placement. The TopTank Nano now incorporates a top fill design. Naturally, we were excited to test this bad boy out. But before we did, we took off the drip tip and replaced it with a wide bore drip tip instead. We did this at the behest of a friend who’s an avid vaper that swears by this setup. He said results would improve significantly. Additionally, in the interest of transparency: we were using the 0.5 OCC square vertical coils (the kit comes with 3 coil types). So, how’d we do? We tested it out on 40W and WOW – the amount of vapour the TopBox Nano produced was downright absurd. This is definitely the ‘sweet spot’ for any type of vaper. The TopBox Nano offers fantastic performance all around.


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The TopBox Nano is relatively advanced when it comes to its features range. It comes with Japanese organic cotton and and few coils/screwdriver for the rebuilders out there. In addition to this, the full features list is:

Max wattage 40W – 70W (depending on coil)
1 KBOX Nano TC 60W
Digital OLED screen
Resistance range: 0.1 – 1.3 ohms
Size: 18.5mm depth, 44mm width, 82mm height
Spring loaded 510 threading
Temp Control
2mL tank
Output mode: Ti/Ni/VW/NiCr

Don’t forget that this kit comes with a RBA plus deck for advanced users who like to build their own coils.

kanger topbox mini

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Ease of Use:

The Kanger TopBox Nano, while coming with several advanced parts, is best in class regarding intuitiveness. For starters, KangerTech upgraded to a ‘top fill’ e-liquid system. Many users of the SubTank were complaining of spillage and leakage. This was literally the one issue vapers had with this device. The problem is not only eliminated, but it’s much easier to fill your e-liquid with this tank. The fire button and adjustable buttons (wattage, etc.) are all standard. However, what really makes this a highly rated mod is its ability to temperature control vape. Getting to the TC features (switching to different coils) is simple. Simply click the fire button three times and the setting with flash on the top left side of the screen. Like we said – standard (read: easy).

Kanger TopBox Mini Ease of Use

TopBox Nano Ease of Use / Layout

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If you search around the internet, you will find places that sell this kit for roughly £55. However, Pure E-Liquids is running a deal for £49.99 for the Kanger TopBox Nano. Obviously, this is a bit more expensive than other box mods on the market, but it’s not a fair comparison. For example, the Eleaf iStick 30W is essentially the ultimate beginners box mod. This TopBox Nano is a bit more advanced, hence the £49.99 price tag. Plus, the value here is undeniable. It’s a good build, has quality performance, and comes with plenty of unique features.

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The Verdict:

The KangerTech TopBox Nano is one of the smallest mods on the market. Ironically, it’s one of the best performers on the market. In fact, this is probably the most sought after mod in the UK at the moment. From temperature control ability to sub ohm vaping and rebuildable options, in addition to the immense vapour clouds it produces, the TopBox Nano is our number one choice for vapers.

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