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Look around for e cigarette reviews. There is no shortage of them online. It seems like many websites nowadays have something to say about e cigarettes. But how do you know which ones you can trust? How do you know if the products you are purchasing are really the best of the best? Are they rated #1 because they ARE #1 or are they rated #1 because these websites have a deal with the e cigarette brands they are promoting? Fantastic question!

Unfortunately, the cold hard truth is that many e cigarette companies pay out money to various sites that will rank their brand as #1. This is called ‘marketing.’ How could this be fair to you when you are outright trusting a website for concrete information? It is certainly not fair! Nevertheless, it happens…and it happens a lot.

E Cigarette Reviews UK to the Rescue

This website was started by five every day e cigarette users with a combined 30+ years of e cigarette experience. We are extremely passionate about electronic cigarettes. Therefore, we had in mind to establish the ultimate e cigarette review site – one which simply tells the honest truth and gives you an all-out detailed analysis of every e-cig brand it tested.

That said, we may get some small compensation from the e cigarette companies that are on this website. We have not, will not and will never hide from this fact. However, this money is used to maintain the upkeep of this site and if there is anything left over, it serves as a second small income to the reviewers of E Cigarette Reviews UK. Furthermore and much more importantly, this compensation will never affect our rankings. Ever. Our aim was, is, and will always be to provide an honest and independent analysis on the top rated e cig companies. We will never stray from this.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

The Review Team at E Cigarette Reviews UK

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