Are Electronic Cigarettes Killing Children?

There has been much debate about whether or not e cigarettes are attractive to our youth. Initially, many so called experts claimed that kids are likely to either switch to e cigarettes from traditional cigarettes or to randomly try them. Of course, none of this was actually backed up with any data analysis. Recently, Action on Smoking and Health organization completed a sizable survey that covered over 4,000 youths. The results directly contradicted the initial claims that you were switching to e cigs or randomly trying them.

However, what the survey did not cover is if there can be any fatal consequences to children. When thinking about such a question, the immediate assumption is probably a resounding no. But, the topic actually goes very deep.

For starters, let us be clear: there is still not enough long term data to make the claim that e cigarettes are harmless (though the current data points in that direction). This is not just for children but for adults as well. However, what if we come from another angle, such as: can e cigarettes kill instantly? The question may sound funny, but the truth is that it is no laughing matter.

Last year, a toddler in Israel died when she drank her grandfather’s liquid nicotine from the small packaged bottle. And just yesterday, another 1 year old in New York also died from drinking liquid nicotine. While government officials have yet to put forth a bill banning e liquid or severely limiting the marketing surrounding it, people from all across the world are starting to focus in on negative solutions, such as the aforementioned banning of bottled e liquid.

While we acknowledge that liquid nicotine is (clearly) toxic in very large doses for adults, and especially for children in small doses, it is no different than, say, over the counter drugs such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. No one is calling for a ban on these drugs. Furthermore, there are more home fires started by real cigarettes than children ingesting e liquid nicotine. A proper solution would be to enforce a law that obligates e cigarette brands to put some kind of child proof lock on e-liquid nicotine bottles, just like there are these locks on over the counter drugs.

Nevertheless, this is an extremely tragic incident, but one that could have been prevented. We would like to mention that this is just one of several reasons why we prefer pre filled cartomiser e cigarettes over DIY filling e cigarettes. There is no chance of a toddler drinking liquid nicotine since the cartomiser is pre filled with it.

The end result is that e cigarettes can technically kill children instantly as seen in the above cases, however it is extremely rare. And, if you are truly concerned as any parent should be, then make the switch to pre filled e cigarettes. On top of not having to think about where you left the nicotine bottle or displacing it completely, it is safer for a child and is ultimately less of a headache for e cigarette users.

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