Building Your Own Mod? Don’t.

It now seems that vaping is no longer a ‘new’ industry. Even though the vaping market is constantly evolving, primarily due to technological upgrades, no one considers vaping new anymore. It’s been a decade since they have been sold on the open market.

The vaping industry started out with one simple and standard product – e cigarettes. They came in two or three piece parts, designed to look exactly like tobacco cigarettes. Since then, a lot has changed. Vape pens tore through the market, essentially making a significant dent in cig-a-like e cig sales. And then? Vape mods came into existence. And honestly? It seems like there is no more interest in cig-a-likes anymore. Even beginners are starting to go straight to vape pens. But, those are just beginners. What is everyone else (i.e. the 80% of vapers) vaping on? Vape mods, of course.

We recently made note of the fact that vape mods, also known as box mods, have gained an extraordinary amount of popularity across the world. The UK, USA, Germany, etc. – most people are using vape mods for their vaping needs. And while technology is always evolving, it looks like vape mods will be the ‘e cig’ of choice for most vapers going forward.

That’s Not a Problem, Right?

Technically, this is a good thing. Vape mods offer more potent and higher quality hits than any other type of e cigarette. Everyone should be happy about their growth. It means more box mods being manufactured by the major players (Innokin, Eleaf, KangerTech, etc.). There are currently several hundred box mods to choose from, most of which are downright incredible. So, no, technically this isn’t a problem. However, the unfortunate and quiet truth is that it is starting to become an issue.

‘I’m a Technician!’

In the age of the Internet and with the wide interest in vaping, it isn’t surprising to see what many people refer to as ‘hardcore vapers.’ It is a community already. In fact, you don’t necessarily need to be considered a hardcore vaper to be in this community. If you vape, you are essentially part of the community, no matter how often you use your vaping products.

The problem is that many vapers are so ‘die hard’ about vaping that they become locked in to this world. And thus, the experimentation begins. Innokin and Eleaf are no longer good enough. Or maybe, people just want to have fun and enjoy their hobby. Or, perhaps there are several entrepreneurs trying to build their own line of vape mods? Either way – in most cases this will end in disaster.

Over the last several months, we have come across countless YouTube tutorials on how to build your own (unregulated) vape mod. As an example, the first video we came across had close to one million views. There are hundreds of these videos, each with tens of thousands of views (at least). It is clear that many vapers are building their own mods.

Remember the article we ran about e cig explosions? Yeah, most of them are due to users modifying their own devices.

Now, you may say: “so what? It’s only a fraction of a percentage of total vapers.” Tell that to the government, the anti-e cig groups, and now doctors who are calling e cigarettes “dangerous.”
So please, if you are looking to build your own mod, we suggest you stay away. You could get yourself hurt (or worse – killed), all the while helping the case against vaping in general. We would hate to see vaping’s demise from vapers themselves.

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