Can We Change the Vaping and Chinese Connection?

Though there are more and more brands starting to manufacture their vaping products in house, the overwhelming majority of e cig products are still coming from China. Many vapers won’t speak out about this for various reasons, however it’s still something that they quietly think about. And, they are right to question this. Why are vaping kits still being manufactured in China?

At least on the surface, it seems that only the smaller e-cigarette brands are manufacturing their products in China. The obvious reason that comes to mind is profit. It is well-known that China offers the most competitive pricing anywhere in the world. But, this has many people (both vapers and the anti-vaping community) up in arms. There is little regulation and oversight in China, and thus we have seen more faulty products and increases in e cig explosions year over year.

Yet, it’s not only the smaller brands that are manufacturing in China. Large vaping companies like Innokin are taking ‘advantage’ of the low-cost Chinese labour. And while Innokin and other massive brands have much stricter compliance than other e cig manufacturers, it’s still something that doesn’t sit well even with vapers. Could there be other reasons why these companies are so adamant about Chinese manufacturing?

E-Cig Origins

We’re not going to beat around the bush. It’s obvious to anyone that profits come before all else in business. However, we must not forget that e-cigarettes are essentially a Chinese invention. The infrastructure in Shenzhen, China was already up and running before e-cigarettes came about. Manufacturers simply needed to sign a lease. Couple this with better profitability and it’s no surprise that most e-cigs and vaping kits still come from China.

So What’s the Problem?

The vaping market is mostly advanced by now. The issue is that the vaping consumer market is not up to speed. Innokin, KangerTech, etc. – they have all captured a nice size of the vaping market. Even though tank systems are on the rise in the UK, you still have a large portion of people purchasing low end e-cigs. With stiff regulation in regard to e-cig advertising, many people don’t have the necessary information and will therefore purchase pretty much whatever gets to them first. Additionally, even if e-cig advertising is reversed (there have already been calls for a full reversal of e cig advertising regulations in the UK), this opens the ‘advertising door’ to many non-compliant e cig brands.

Unfortunately, this problem won’t be going away. There’s no quick fix. There’s not even a long-term fix. There literally is no fix to this problem. We could try and persuade the Chinese government to create better manufacturing regulations but that’s improbable. We could encourage more brands to manufacture at home (UK, USA, Germany, etc.) but then it comes back to the issue of profitability. So, that won’t happen. Even the TPD, which places stricter controls on e-cigs, won’t have much effect. It’s not the vaping kits that explode; it’s the batteries, which are sold individually and don’t require testing under the TPD.

We will just have to live with Chinese made products, for better or for worse, just like the rest of the world. As the old saying goes: god created the heavens and the Earth. Everything else? Made in China.

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