E-cigarette FAQs

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e cigarette or e cig, is a relatively new device that was designed to mimic a traditional cigarette. However, that is where the comparison stops. Unlike a real cigarette, an electronic cigarette contains e liquid, which is heated by an atomizer (and subsequently is powered by the battery) that enables users to inhale vapour instead of smoke. E cigarettes generally come in 2 different forms: a 3 piece design or a 2 piece design. The 3 piece e cigarette is for manual e liquid refilling whilst the 2 piece e cigarette comes with a pre filled cartomiser. 

What is better for me: a 3 piece or a 2 piece e cigarette?

This is a matter of preference. The 3 piece is considered by many to be a superior e cigarette to its 2 piece counterpart. However, you will need to fill the e liquid by yourself which can get messy. Our personal favourite is the 2 piece e cigarette and this is, in our opinion, by far the better option if you are looking to purchase your first e cigarette starter kit. 

Are e cigarettes harmful?

This is a subject of great debate. The pro vapour community says that e cigarettes are harmless. They do not contain tar or 99.9% of the other chemicals that traditional cigarettes contain. There have been a numerous amount of studies about the health effects of e cigarettes. All of them have either come back very positive or inconclusive. However, the anti vapour bloc says that there is not enough long term research and results to come to a definitive answer. They also say that inhaling anything other than air is by default harmful. We personally do not agree with this assessment strictly for this reason: going into a steam room is harmless. When you inhale from an e cigarette, you are inhaling water vapour that contains food grade propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an FDA approved food additive and an organic compound that is completely safe for humans in small doses. In fact, this substance is found in just about all of our foods. The e liquid in an e cigarette contains a very small amount of this compound. This coupled together with water vapour, and we personally do not see how it could be harmful. However, we are not scientists. More research is needed, but the results so far look promising. Update: Public Health England, the UK government’s health agency, published a study which noted that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. You can read more about it here.

Who can use an e cig?

Anyone 18 years of age or older! If you do not smoke, we strongly advise against starting whether it be using regular cigarettes or e cigarettes. However, if you currently smoke real cigarettes, we strongly encourage you to stop right away and make the switch to an e cig! We already know for a fact that real cigarettes kill every year. The same cannot be said about e cigarettes.

Where can I use an e cigarette?

Almost anywhere. In the beginning, the FAA did not have a position on them so people could actually use them on a plane. However, the FAA has since ruled against using them because they are an electronic device. Bars, clubs and other private establishments often ban cigarettes and e cigarettes. But other than that, if there are no signs against e cigs, you can vape freely anywhere else.

What are some of the main benefits of using electronic cigarettes?

There are so many benefits to using e cigs. In fact, we could possibly write a small book on it. However, some of the main reasons are:

  • Vape almost anywhere
  • No odour or smell
  • No tooth staining
  • You will not smell like an ash tray
  • The financial savings are exponential
  • Most importantly: no tar or toxins

Are e cigarettes complicated to use?

Not at all, especially if you purchase the 2 piece e cigarette from a brand such as Green Smoke. It comes with 2 essential pieces: an automatic battery and a pre filled cartomiser (that has the e liquid prefilled inside of it). The top of the battery and bottom of the cartomiser simply screw into one another (by twisting it on). From there, you are good to go! If your battery runs out of power, simply unscrew the battery from the cartomiser, screw the battery into your USB, wall, or car charger, and plug it in! Within a few hours your battery will be fully charged. Then, unscrew it from the charger, screw it back into the cartomiser and start vaping. Enjoy!

OK great! How long will I need to charge the battery for?

This really depends on the company you decide to purchase from. Battery charging times vary, but the average is between 2 to 3 hours.

OK, and what about the cartomisers? How long do they last for?

This also varies depending on the company. Some e cigarette brands go out of their way to produce an incredible product, especially in regard to their flavoured cartomisers. The industry average is about 200 puffs per cartomiser, however some brands offer 300-400 puffs per cartomiser. For comparison, 200 puffs is equal to about one pack of cigarettes (20 individual cigarettes).

Great, but what nicotine level should I choose?

This again depends on your preference. Do you enjoy stronger cigarettes or lighter ones? Perhaps you are looking for no nicotine at all. Generally speaking, 24mg is for people who like very strong cigarettes, 12mg is for people who like lighter cigarettes, and 6mg is for people who smoke ultra-light cigarettes. However, if you are a regular smoker who smokes anywhere from 4-15 cigarettes per day, we recommend 18mg of nicotine. This nicotine level is the closest to your standard traditional cigarette.

How can I buy an e cigarette?

The e cigarette market has become so big that retailers started selling e cigs in their store fronts. However, we have found that they are really limited to a few brands, which leaves you option-less. Thankfully, there is always the Internet. Every brand sells their e cigarette starter kits and products online. There is no shortage of online stores to purchase e cigs from. However, we recommend you read e cigarette reviews before making a purchase. This will save you countless hours of research and will most certainly help you along your way.
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