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  • strawberry e liquid

    Strawberry E Liquid Review

    Product Review

    Strawberry flavour e-liquid is probably the most desired e-juice on the market. Thus, it isn’t surprising to see hundreds of different suppliers creating this e-liquid. In fact, even the brands that only create a handful of flavours generally offer strawberry in their e-liquid lineup. The issue is that, like all other e-liquids, it’s a process. […]

  • menthol e-liquid flavour

    Menthol E Liquid Review

    Product Review

    One of the most popular e-liquid flavours on the market is menthol. Now, not all menthol tastes the same. This is important to keep in mind. Some e-cig companies sell straight menthol flavour, while others sell variations like Menthol Ice (which gives more of an icy taste as the name suggests) or Mint Breeze (which is […]

  • E-Lites Curv Review

    Product Review

    By now, you have definitely heard about E-Lites electronic cigarettes. They made a pretty big splash when they broke onto the scene back in 2007. Even after close to a decade, their adverts are still everywhere. Their products are everywhere. They are probably the most well-known e-cig brand in the UK. However, it’s not often […]