E Cigarette User? No Adoption for You!

We thought we had seen it all in regard to negative impacts of laws and regulations against e cigarettes. From frequent health warnings to media bashing, there is no shortage of bad press. However, we believe we quite possibly just found the most ridiculous ‘laws’ against e cigarettes. Apparently, 13 adoption councils right here in the UK ban e cigarette users from adopting kids under their ‘jurisdiction.’

There are rigorous tests in place for would be parents looking to adopt a child. One of them is the law of not allowing smokers to adopt; it has been in place for some time now throughout various parts of the country. Yet, this only applied to regular tobacco users. That is – until very recently.

A couple, whose names were kept anonymous, have been trying to conceive a child for a while via IVF. Such procedures cost the couple well over £20,000. Thus, they turned to adoption after getting medical and psychological evaluations showing they were in fact capable of adopting a child. After these long tests, the couple met with a social worker who happened to see the ‘father’ vaping. That is when the decision was overturned. Needless to say, the couple were fuming. “When there are so many children desperate for a family and a stable home, to put up such trivial barriers is ridiculous,” they said.

However, the 13 councils backed up their decision citing the guidance from the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, which recommends that e cig users be treated as smokers until more defined health information is available. What’s interesting though is that Public Health England recently claimed that the health risks from passive e cigarette vapour is virtually nonexistent.

Nevertheless, we find this decision to be one of the most ridiculous we have ever heard about. As we have mentioned previously, we are not medical experts. However, we are up to date on all of the news and research concerning electronic cigarettes. There is no definitive answer yet since e cigs are still considered to be relatively new, however the research thus far looks promising. Furthermore, director of tobacco studies at University College London Professor Robert West, mentioned that this policy of banning e cig users from adopting a child is “badly thought out.” He went on to say, “There are so many misconceptions about e-cigarettes that policy makers and the public are getting very confused.” And while this is only the opinion of one man, there are thousands of other medical professionals who have come out in favour of ecigs.

However, even with all of this information from numerous medical professionals, British councils are still banning e cigarette users from adopting a child, as 13 more councils have followed suit. These include Wolverhampton, North Tyneside, West Sussex, Bury, Camden, Walsall, Durham, Dudley, Poole, Cornwall, Sandwell, Kirklees and Warrington councils. As the potential father said, this is a true shame. It is outright depriving children a better life and future due to baseless claims.

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