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No, Vaping Likely Does Not Cause Cancer

Cancer. It’s the one word no one ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, this word reared its ugly head just last week, and it had to do with vaping. New researched suggested that e-cigarettes cause cancer. Naturally, the entire vaping industry was initially in shock. How could this be? Granted, anything that you put in your […]

New Study: E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer

In a shocking new study published just a few days ago, there have been several eyebrows raised. The headline was per the usual ones we generally see: “vaping causes cancer, new study warns”. This wasn’t shocking or new. However, the research, which people usually pass over, was highly misleading (again). The research was conducted in […]

UK Vapers Should be Happy

If you’re part of the vaping community in any capacity, especially here in the UK, then you likely have at least some understanding of vaping laws throughout the world. You understand that here in the UK, our government has a very liberal view and policy on e-cigs. Unlike India, for example, which has recently banned […]

Who Said Online Vape Sales Are the Future?

Whether you are looking for a home appliance, clothes or even food (among many other things), where do you look first? The internet. It makes sense after all. You have instant access to virtually any piece of information you need. Pricing, reviews, brands, stores, etc. – everything is online. It’s no surprise that year after […]

Famous E-Cigarette Opponent in Steamy Situation

If you’ve been following the news at all lately, you’ll notice the obscene amount of sexual harassment allegations worldwide. It’s not just in Hollywood. Unfortunately, this is a global issue. Now, you may be wondering: what does this type of harassment have to do with e-cigarettes? Excellent question. But before we go on, let it […]

New Study Proves E-Cigs Aren’t Harmful Long Term

Who remembers when e-cigs first broke onto the scene? It’s not really a moment that anyone can forget. After all, it’s not often that a revolutionary and disruptive product comes out. Smoking has been around for thousands of years and tobacco has been used the same way over its lifetime. Now we have a healthier […]

The Stoptober Campaign’s Effect on Vaping Are In

It’s no secret that smoking rates have been on the decline, specifically over the past decade and change. In fact, quitting rates are at their highest in 10 years. While e-cig critics are silent in pointing out vaping’s role in this success, the data is in fact there. More than 50% of e-cig users in […]

Tada! The FDA Extends More Vaping Regulations…Again

In a move that surprised no one, the FDA has further extended the e-liquid ingredient listing submissions deadline by an additional six months to May 8th, 2018. This happened earlier this month (on November 8th). But, the way it was done initially had people asking: “WTF?!” This particular submission was talked about for many months […]

Could Vaping Cause Birth Defects?

As time continues to pass by, we will see newer e-cigarette research put out, and at a much faster pace. It seems as if there is ten times the amount of research reports in 2017 compared with what was available just three years ago. This is only expected to (significantly) increase over the next several […]

“E-cigs are a Gateway to Tobacco”: More Scare Tactics

We’re sorry if we’re being a bit overdramatic here, and we had no intention of writing a title just to get you interested in what we have to say. We want to report on the truth and the truth you shall receive! The above quote (in quotation marks) was part of a recent article title […]