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The Stoptober Campaign’s Effect on Vaping Are In

It’s no secret that smoking rates have been on the decline, specifically over the past decade and change. In fact, quitting rates are at their highest in 10 years. While e-cig critics are silent in pointing out vaping’s role in this success, the data is in fact there. More than 50% of e-cig users in […]

Tada! The FDA Extends More Vaping Regulations…Again

In a move that surprised no one, the FDA has further extended the e-liquid ingredient listing submissions deadline by an additional six months to May 8th, 2018. This happened earlier this month (on November 8th). But, the way it was done initially had people asking: “WTF?!” This particular submission was talked about for many months […]

Could Vaping Cause Birth Defects?

As time continues to pass by, we will see newer e-cigarette research put out, and at a much faster pace. It seems as if there is ten times the amount of research reports in 2017 compared with what was available just three years ago. This is only expected to (significantly) increase over the next several […]

“E-cigs are a Gateway to Tobacco”: More Scare Tactics

We’re sorry if we’re being a bit overdramatic here, and we had no intention of writing a title just to get you interested in what we have to say. We want to report on the truth and the truth you shall receive! The above quote (in quotation marks) was part of a recent article title […]

Big Tobacco is on the Move…Again

Funny thing about the e-cigarette market: there are dozens of high quality e-cig brands that many of the 3 million vapers in the UK don’t know about. Outside of V2 Cigs, Jac Vapour and maybe Apollo, can you name other UK brands? The chances are not very high. However, if we were to mention Blu, […]

Will Vaping Survive the Government’s Latest E-Cig Inquiry?

By now, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of every piece of e-cigarette research that comes out. We have all seen the reports – both the pros and the cons – regarding vaping. It’s obvious to everyone that there are significant gaps in the way we understand vaping. For a large portion of the vaping […]

Study Suggests Vaping Can Save 6.6 Million Lives

In a not-so-shocking-anymore report on e-cigarettes and vaping, more than 6.6 million Americans could extend their lifespan. This would essentially add more than 86 million cumulative years to people’s lives in total. The report specifically focused on 95% of current tobacco cigarette smokers. If these smokers were to switch to vaping, they would realise a […]

It’s Official: UK Government, Among Others, Firmly Supports Vaping

As if we didn’t know already, e-cigs are by far the best option for people to quit smoking tobacco. But of course, research and statistics don’t mean anything to many politicians, Big Pharma/Tobacco executives and the anti-vaping community on a whole. It seems like no matter how much we shove it in their face, they […]

Department of Health Makes the ASA Compromise on E-Cigs

Whether you were pro or anti-Brexit, you understood that it would have a major effect on the e-cigarette market. There have been no shortage of articles detailing precisely how the EU-TPD would change the vaping world. Arguably, the largest issue that e-cig proponents had with the TPD was the severe limitations on advertising. So, when […]

Slissie: The New Vape-a-Like

Just when you though innovation couldn’t get any bolder, along comes a new product that leaves you in, well, shock? Yeah, we think that’s the right word in this specific instance, and you’ll understand why in a minute. “Cut sugar in 21 days with Slissie.” This is the tag line for the new “anti-snacking diet […]