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It’s Official: UK Government, Among Others, Firmly Supports Vaping

As if we didn’t know already, e-cigs are by far the best option for people to quit smoking tobacco. But of course, research and statistics don’t mean anything to many politicians, Big Pharma/Tobacco executives and the anti-vaping community on a whole. It seems like no matter how much we shove it in their face, they […]

Department of Health Makes the ASA Compromise on E-Cigs

Whether you were pro or anti-Brexit, you understood that it would have a major effect on the e-cigarette market. There have been no shortage of articles detailing precisely how the EU-TPD would change the vaping world. Arguably, the largest issue that e-cig proponents had with the TPD was the severe limitations on advertising. So, when […]

Slissie: The New Vape-a-Like

Just when you though innovation couldn’t get any bolder, along comes a new product that leaves you in, well, shock? Yeah, we think that’s the right word in this specific instance, and you’ll understand why in a minute. “Cut sugar in 21 days with Slissie.” This is the tag line for the new “anti-snacking diet […]

Link Between Teen E-Cig & Smoking Usage Disproven…Again

Just last week, the Pharmaceutical Journal made the hilarious claim that many teens (34%) who tried e-cigs then went on to smoking tobacco cigarettes within 12 months of trying their first e-cigarette. How any professional, research or amateur organization can continue pressing on with anti-vaping rhetoric, in a bid to scare the public, is beyond […]

More Ridiculous Vaping Reports

Okay, so a (digital) show of hands here: when research comes out about anything, who expects to see results backed up with conclusive evidence? Yeah, all of you. That’s what we thought. As if the stories about teens and e-cigs wasn’t drawn out enough, another piece of hilarious research was just put out by the […]

Has the Media Finally Become Fair?

It’s rare that we come across an e-cigarette article on a mainstream media site that is truthful about the (ridiculous) arguments against e-cigs. Even with all of the positive news we have seen over the past year or so, major media outlets are, for the most part, continuing to bash the vaping industry. At this […]

New Study: Vaping Essentially Does NOT Cause Cancer

So, who remembers all of those studies about how e-cigarettes and vaping in general produce high levels of aldehydes and other dangerous stuff? Of course you do. You definitely remember the media over-exaggerating it. The entire anti-vaping community has used this fact false narrative in order to harm the vaping industry. Basically, these people make […]

The US FDA Does an About-Face on E-Cigs

Remember all of the times we have lamented about government policy on e-cigs? No, we’re not talking about our own government here in the UK. Thankfully, we are quite lucky. It’s the rest of the world that has to put up with the shenanigans of their politicians. This is especially true in the United States […]

Finally Conclusive? E-Cigs are Best Option for Smoking Cessation

You’ve heard it before. You’ve seen the research results. E-cigarettes are, in fact, a viable smoking cessation device. You know, to be honest, we’re kind of getting sick and tired of showing the results of these studies. Unfortunately though, it must be done to counter anyone who is anti-vaping. These people have some sick and […]

Has the War on E-Cigs Finally Ended as Some Suggest?

This past week was one of the most active in the UK e-cigarette market. In fact, since Brexit, there really hasn’t been all that much news regarding the fate of e-cigs. But, as we’ve mentioned in the past, when the news hits, it hits BIG TIME. And that’s exactly what happened earlier this week. E-Cigarette […]