E-cigarette Brands

Finding the right e cigarette can be a daunting task. In addition to there being hundreds of e cigarette brands on the market, there are also so many variables that need to be considered before making your choice. Below is a list of the top rated e cigarette brands in the UK. Each review goes into an immense amount of detail on the respective company and their products. Everything from flavours to battery performance to shipping (and more) has been covered. You will likely not find a more comprehensive breakdown of electronic cigarettes. We are confident that our reviews will guide you in finding the best e cigarette for your needs.


V2 Cigs Review

  Design & Packaging: We ordered the V2 Cigs Standard Starter kit. When the package arrived, we had one word in mind: WOAH! This was the largest starter kit box we have ever seen. We thought that perhaps V2 added some extra accessories for us, but low and behold, we were wrong. That is simply […]


Apollo Review

  Design & Packaging: We will give you a hint of what’s to come in this review: the only thing we did not really care for was the Apollo box design. The inside of the Endeavour kit, which is what we ordered for the review, is sleek and elegant. The tanks are situated beautifully inside […]


VaporFi Review

  Design & Packaging The design and packaging of VaporFi products perfectly match their brand message – simplicity and colourful. Deciding to go with an abundance of colours, VaporFi subliminally reflects the amount of options on offer (which we will get to below). The design was carefully thought out and it shows. All products come […]


JacVapour Review

  Design & Packaging: When we received the package, we were a bit worried at first. The design looks very plain and dull. The box is a 2 piece cardboard rectangle with the “Jac Vapour” logo on the top in their black and red colors. However, once you open the box, you immediately get to […]


ePuffer Review

Design & Packaging: From ePuffer’s cig-a-like kits to their vapourizers, both their design and packaging impressed. Many e-cigarette companies outsource even the smallest jobs, like their design, to China. While certain components are in fact Chinese as is the case with just about every e-cig company, the design and packaging are overseen by ePuffer themselves […]


Blu E Cigs UK Review

Design & Packaging: How can we be negative about the original innovator of e-cigarettes? We can’t, and here’s why. We will be honest: in 2009 when Blu launched, their products, from a performance standpoint, were awful (they have since changed drastically as we will get to below). It wasn’t really their fault – it was […]


SMOKO Review

Design & Packaging: When we received our package from Smoko, we were shocked. The overall appearance can be summed up in one word: classy. Similar to premium tobacco cigarette kits, Smoko kits come in a lightweight and sturdy square aluminum box with their brand name sitting beautifully atop. When we opened the Original Starter Kit […]


Elites Review

  Design & Packaging: We decided to review the E-Lites E200 starter kit because it contains enough products to conduct a comprehensive review while at the same time being priced well (£39.99). If you were a fan of traditional cigarettes, E-Lites destroys the competition in regard to design. Even more than Cigees, E-Lites looks incredibly […]


UK E Cig Store Review

  Design & Packaging: This was completely new territory for us here at E-Cigarette Reviews UK. We had never come across an e-cigarette provider that, for the most part, doesn’t offer your standard “kit.” Yes, it is true that UK E Cig Store does offer the ‘One+One’ kit which has a really cool design to […]


Cigees Review

  Design & Packaging: We must admit that it was this Cigees Classic Starter Kit that drew our attention. The actual packaging is nothing to brag about, but the kit itself is bloody brilliant. The packaging is black and is rectangular in shape with the Cigees name and logo on the front of the box. […]


Green Smoke Review

  Design & Packaging: When we received our Pro Kit from Green Smoke, we were impressed by the intricate artwork on the packaging. The Green Smoke logo appears on the top of the box, with a beautiful nature theme in the background. This sleek box comes with a strong magnetic flap to hold everything shut. […]