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When you think about electronic cigarettes in the UK, company names that come to mind are V2 Cigs, JacVapour, Blu – etc. With close to 3 million vapers in the UK, you would assume that most of these vapers buy e-cigs from one of these companies. There are hundreds of other brands on the market and thus you would also assume that these other e-cig companies are much smaller and have a few thousand customers, if that. We had never come across a brand that has been around since 2007 with no real online presence yet one that boasts over 500,000 vapers in multiple countries. It simply doesn’t happen. When you have that many customers and you have been around for that long, you will be recognized one way or another. Moreover, what if said brand also offers a wide range of e-cig products (cig-a-likes, vapourizers, e cigars, e pipes, and e liquids)? Does a company like this exist? Apparently it does. The name of said company? ePuffer. We were dumbfounded. How could this be? Either they are an e-cig brand that solely focuses on getting customers in the door (without regard for producing high quality products) or they truly are a diamond in the rough. Which one was it? Let’s find out!

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Spec List:

  • Battery Performance: Max 1200mAh battery power. Goof for beginners and beginning stage intermediate users.
  • Vapour Volume: Average vapour volume primarily due to limiting battery power.
  • Throat Hit: Above average throat hit. If not for the quality flavours, the throat hit would likely have been average.
  • Flavour Quality: Surprisingly great flavours. Made by in-house flavourists and chemists.
  • Nicotine Info: No information provided on where ePuffer acquires their nicotine.
  • Size and Dimensions: Small to mid range sizes on their kits. This is because they offer cig-a-likes and vaporisers. Largest kit is the Titan which is 122mm in length and 19mm in diameter, with a weight of 93g.


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Design & Packaging:

From ePuffer’s cig-a-like kits to their vapourizers, both their design and packaging impressed. Many e-cigarette companies outsource even the smallest jobs, like their design, to China. While certain components are in fact Chinese as is the case with just about every e-cig company, the design and packaging are overseen by ePuffer themselves – definitely not a given in today’s e-cig world. Take for instance their highly popular X-PRO vapourizer. The kit comes in a beautiful hard plastic cover that is tightly sealed for protection. Furthermore, the ePuffer logo sits beautifully on the battery of the X-PRO vapourizer with the unique and flashy power button toward the mouthpiece. Overall, we were extremely pleased by the design and packaging. But, as we all know, design and packaging are just nice added features that don’t necessarily translate into a solid product. So, how did their products perform?

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Battery Performance/Vapour/Throat Hit:

For starters, ePuffer offers an abundance of kit and flavour options. Naturally, we can’t possibly review each product as it would drag on too long for our readers. So as we mentioned above, we decided to review their popular X-PRO vapourizer. Here is what we found: Considering that the battery on the ePuffer X-PRO is 1,200mAh, we were expecting a decent sized upgraded performance over traditional cig-a-likes. However, this vapourizer really took it to the next level. 1,200mAh should not be enough to last you through the day yet this vapourizer did so with ease. In fact, only during mid-day two did we finally need to recharge the battery. Now, you would assume that ePuffer capped the amount of seconds you can inhale to five seconds in order to extend the battery life. Nope. ePuffer actually extended the “cut off” time to a whopping 8 seconds – extremely long for a vape pen. Total puff count from full to dead? About 1,200 puffs! Additionally, this device has a voltage range of between 3.3V – 4.8V and is 510 threaded. You want power and longevity from a vape pen? The X-PRO is what you want. We set the device on the second strongest setting – 4.2V when we tested it. The vapour volume was well above average, though not as thick as what you see from a 40W or 50W box mod. Nevertheless, vapers looking at a vape pen aren’t looking for that type of vaping experience. Still, the vapour output was enormous for all intents and purposes, especially for a vape pen. As for the throat hit: we experienced a slightly “reduced” throat hit – i.e. not as strong as we expected. However, this may have been due to our review team using a different brand of e-liquid rather than e-liquid from ePuffer. The throat hit works in conjunction with the battery and vapour volume. The problem is that while the battery power on the X-PRO is excellent, the e-juice we were using may not have been the best.

ePuffer Battery

Batteries Available:

  • Automatic Batteries
  • PCC


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So this is where ePuffer really got through to us. Put aside for a minute the fact that they have a solid lineup of electronic cigarette kits. While that in it of itself is impressive, we here at E Cigarette Reviews UK look at a brand’s e-liquids to determine the level of quality offered. Generally speaking, making e-juice is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Any brand can white label e-cig kits. Selling e-juice is another story altogether. So, how did ePuffer fare? Quite well we must admit. In fact, outside of VaporFi and V2 Cigs, ePuffer is in our top 3 choices for e-liquid. As of this ePuffer review, they offer 22 top shelf flavours that come in 30mL bottles. Though flavour is subjective, when it comes to ePuffer e-liquid, there is a level of objectivity involved. How so? First off, ePuffer is one of only a handful of e-cig brands that steeps their e-liquid – an integral aspect of making e-juice. Second off, they follow ISO and FDA regulations and standards in the production and manufacturing of their e-liquids. No acetoin, diacetyl, and/or acetyl propionyl can be found in any of their e-liquid. All of their flavours are certified vegan, kosher, and gluten free. Furthermore, their e-liquids are a combination of PG and VG, hence the small amount of nicotine levels (which we explain below). Even before we tested their e-liquids, we knew they would be of high quality. If you aren’t sure about the ePuffer brand, you should at least try their e-liquids just to see how much they stand behind their products.

ePuffer E-Liquid

Top Flavours:

  • Caramel Mocca Latte
  • Belgo Tobacco
  • Double Apple Shisha


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Nicotine Levels:

This is the one major downside to ePuffer – their nicotine level selection. We will simply go ahead and say it: if you are a heavy vaper looking for a strong throat hit and have just come off of tobacco cigarettes, you will be better off with another brand. However, if you are looking for a smooth vaping experience with a perfect hint of nicotine, look no further. ePuffer offers three nicotine levels – 1.2mg, 0.6mg and 0mg. These are great for vapers looking for sizable clouds which enables a nice clean vape.

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Customer Service:

We really don’t have anything to complain about in the service department, which is generally a good sign. If a brand cares about their customers, it shows their primary objective isn’t to turn a profit. It’s to invest in their customers. Such is the case with ePuffer. Their staff is very helpful and understanding. They can assist with any potential issues you may have. ePuffer offers phone and web mail support. Their hours are 10AM – 9PM Monday-Friday. Emails are usually answered within a matter of hours so if you need help right away, it’s best to give them a call.

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With all of the selection that ePuffer offers, we can’t give a breakdown of every kit and their associated pricing. However, we will mention that ePuffer kit pricing is some of the cheapest we have seen on the market. Cig-a-like kits range from £29.95 – £49.95, vapourizers range from £15.95 – £149.95, e-cigars from £7.50 – £49.95, and e-pipes from £59.95 – £129.95. Additionally, all of their e-liquids are priced between £12.95 and £14.95 for 30mL bottles – the second cheapest on the market (behind JacVapour).


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Money Back Guarantee & Warranty:

ePuffer is right up there with the best of the best e-cig brands on the market. They offer a full 30 day money back guarantee just like V2 Cigs and Apollo. Moreover, they offer a 1 year limited warranty that applies to atomizers, liquamizers, batteries, USB chargers, and PCCs.

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You will be happy to hear that ePuffer offers free shipping on all orders over £25. If you are purchasing from inside the UK, packages are shipped via Royal Mail and should be delivered within 2-3 working days. If your order is placed and paid for before 2PM, you may even receive your shipment quicker. This is amoung the best shipping practices we have come across to date.

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The Verdict:

You know what we learned from this ePuffer review? Never assume anything. It is clear that ePuffer offers some of the best products on the market at below market level prices. Can you find better e-liquids elsewhere? Yes. But, you will be hard pressed to find an e-cig company that offers this kind of quality on all other kits (and e-liquids for that matter) at these price levels. Essentially speaking, if you are looking for something budgetary yet one that still gives off a tier-one performance, ePuffer is unquestionably your choice.

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