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Jac Vapour  is one of the largest and best quality ecig and vaping brands on the market. We decided to test our their more popular products when conducting this review in order to understand the diversity of their product lines where they stand out as an ecig manufacturer.  Let’s see what they have to offer.

Note: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links to vendors and make purchases. This may impact the placements and contents of the information written on the various providers.

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Spec List:

  • Battery Performance: Range of batteries: from cig-a-likes to vape pens and box mods. 180mAh to 1800mAh; up to 75W on box mods. 3.3v to 4.8v on their vape pens.
  • Vapour Volume: Average to above average vapour volume on almost all kits. JacVapour box mods provide immense vapour
  • Throat Hit: Well above average due to high quality nature of the e-liquids working seamlessly with battery power.
  • Flavour Quality: UK made flavours in a clean UK lab by certified engineers. Both PG & VG e-liquids available. Customisation available.
  • Nicotine Info: High quality nicotine leads to a fantastic throat hit. However, JacVapour does not go into detail about their nicotine extracts.
  • Size and Dimensions: Unique sizes on all of their kits, as they are custom made by the company itself.


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Design & Packaging:

When we received the package, we were a bit worried at first. The design looks very plain and dull. The box is a 2 piece cardboard rectangle with the “Jac Vapour” logo on the top in their black and red colors. However, once you open the box, you immediately get to the PCC (portable charging case). It is metallic, sleek and remarkable. When you slide the PCC open to the left, you see the automatic battery. The rest of the case is the battery itself. This kit comes with a USB cable to charge it wherever you go. Additionally, a 1 pack of cartomisers containing 5 individual cartomisers is packed neatly within the original box. In all, the Jac Vapour package initially looks basic but once you open it you will be captivated.

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Battery Performance/Vapour/Throat Hit:

Because the Jac Vapour V1P kit is a PCC kit, it uses a very different automatic battery than the ones from Green Smoke and V2 Cigs. This V1P kit uses the V3I battery. PCC compatible automatic batteries, such as this V3I battery, are known to not last as long (in terms of usage hours per day) and also in terms of the overall lifespan. You can expect about 150 puffs on a fully charged battery (about 3 hours or standard vaping usage). But, this could be 1 hour and it would not matter much. The would point of a PCC is that you won’t get stuck because you can charge it whenever you’d like.

The battery is a bit longer than we expected from a PCC compatible battery, but still short enough to not make you feel ridiculous. We were surprised that the responsiveness was very good. There is no need to heat up the battery or liquid by taking a few puffs first in order to see your first vapour cloud. You will see and feel it from the very first drag. This is not a given with PCC kits so that’s a huge positive for Jac Vapour. Because of the quality of the battery, the vapour volume is significant.

As for vapour volume and throat hit: because the battery is not as powerful, you will not get as strong of a throat hit and vapour volume as Green Smoke, but it is still far above average, especially for a PCC kit. In fact, we were surprised by the nice amount of vapour it emitted.

Charging time is flat out excellent. Due to the V3I not being as big or powerful as the KR808D e cigarette battery, you can charge a dead battery to completely full in well under 2 hours (it took us 1.5 hours to fully charge). That is better than any PCC kit we have ever reviewed.


JacVapour Batteries

Batteries Available:

  • V3I Batteries
  • Series-E Batteries
  • VGO2/EGO Batteries
  • VV/TWIST Batteries

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For a smaller company like Jac Vapour, we were astonished to see that they offer both pre filled and empty cartomisers. We were only expecting pre filled cartomisers. We were also surprised to see that they test each cartomiser in the UK for optimal quality assurance – not a given. Many companies just outsource to China. The only downside is that Jac Vapour really only gives one option – a 1 pack of cartomisers which comes with 5 individual cartomisers inside (technically you can order a 4 pack of empty cartomisers but in terms of pre filled cartomisers they only offer 1 pack). They do not have an option to buy in bulk and save money. However, every Jac Vapour cartomiser can be refilled up to 10 times, even the pre filled ones you order. Needless to say, this is a huge benefit if you want to fill e liquid yourself.

You can expect each pre filled cartomiser to last about 150 drags which is just about the average. However, if you buy the e liquid and fill it yourself, you can get about 200 drags out of it.

Jac Vapour offers 8 delicious flavours, with all of them having the same high level of consistency and taste: Cappuccino, Cherry, Menthol, Mint, Tobacco, Tobacco Reds USA, Tobacco Virgin, and Vanilla. We personally loved the Tobacco Virgin and Cappuccino flavours. Toward the end when the e liquid is running low, you will probably experience a decline in taste but the vapour volume is still there.

JacVapour Flavours

Top Flavours:

  • Tobacco Virgin
  • Cappuccino
  • Menthol

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Nicotine Levels:

Jac Vapour offers 4 nicotine levels and one with no nicotine:

  1. 24mg – for smokers (and chain smokers) who enjoy strong traditional cigarettes.
  2. 18mg – for regular smokers.
  3. 12mg – for light smokers.
  4. 6mg – for smokers who like just a slight hint of nicotine.
  5. 0mg – no nicotine inside.

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Customer Service:

The biggest concern of ours was when we came across the customer service section of the Jac Vapour website. The only way to contact them is through their online e-mail form on their ‘Contact’ page. Although, they did only take 1.5 hours to respond to our inquiry which is much better than average e-mail response wait times. Note: their operating hours are only during working normal hours which is 9AM-5:30PM Monday-Saturday. Additionally, Jac Vapour has a Help and an FAQ section that is very useful. Overall, we found our personal customer support experience with Jac Vapour to be very positive.

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For what you get in the kit and the quality of the product, the Jac Vapour pricing is very good. Not the best, but definitely a top value provider. There are way too many kits to list (there are 30), so here is a breakdown of the pricing on their most popular kits:

Kit Options:

  1. Basic e Cigarette Starter Kit – £28.99: 2x V3i batteries, 5x Cartomisers, 5x Mixed bungs, 1x Coloured V31 LED tip, 1x 5v USB charger
  2. Social Kit – £20.99: 1 bungs pack, 1 battery, 5 cartomisers, 1 USB plug and 1 secondary USB charger
  3. JAC 510 Manual 900MAH Starter Kit – £39.99: 2 90mm 900MAH manual JAC 510 batteries, 1 1.5Ohm Evod 2 tank, 1 replacement 2.0Ohm dual coil and wick, 1 4.2v charger, 1 Faux leather case
  4. Vgo2 Auto 650MAH 2014 Pro Kit – £36.99: 1 crystal tank, 1 spare 2.4Ohm wick and coil, 2 Vgo2 automatic batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 carry case
  5. JAC 510 Twist 400MAH Starter Kit – £41.99: 2 77mm 400MAH batteries, 1 1.5Ohm Evod tank, 1 replacement 2.0Ohm dual coil and wick, 1 4.2v charger, 1 Faux leather case

As we mentioned, there are too many kits to list so be sure to check out their website for full kit details.


  • 1 pack (35mm) pre filled cartomisers: £6.79
  • 1 pack (35mm) empty cartomisers: £6.69
  • 1 pack (50mm) empty cartomisers: £7.99
  • 1 pack (35mm) empty low resistance cartomisers: £6.89
  • 1 pack empty Megacart Blank cartomisers (compatible with Vgo2 battery): £2.99
  • 4 pack empty Mgacart Blank cartomisers (compatible with Vgo2 battery): £10.99

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Money Back Guarantee & Warranty:

Jac Vapour products have a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee with the exception of opened cartomiser packs and e liquids.

As for their warranty: Jac Vapour guarantees their batteries and chargers for 42 days, and all PCC kits for 4 months. If any other product is faulty under regular usage, they will replace it for you. However, get in touch with them as quickly as possible should there be an issue.

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All Jac Vapour products are delivered from their UK location which makes packages being lost highly unlikely. Jac Vapour has 2 delivery options: 2-4 working days or 1-2 working days. All orders are sent out by 1PM so if you get your order in before 1PM and choose the 1-2 working days delivery option, you should receive your package that same day. This is better than any other electronic cigarette company we have seen. However, if you are purchasing under £50 of products, it will cost you about £4 in postage fees for the 2-4 days delivery option and about £8 in postage fees for the 1-2 days delivery option. Otherwise, all orders over £50 are free postage.

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The Verdict:

Jac Vapour outperformed almost all other e cigarette brands we tested. They have more e cigarette starter kit options than any brand we have seen in the UK. And, they are one of only a handful of electronic cigarette companies to offer a large variety of tanks and other accessories. While the customer service options could be a bit more abundant, their response times via e-mail are very good, and they are one of the only electronic cigarette companies to work on Saturdays. Given all of this information it’s no wonder why Jac Vapour is a leading e cigarette brand in the UK.

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