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As the vaping world continues to grow, so do the number of e-cigarette brands on the market. The issue with this is that almost all of these brands, with the exception of perhaps one other, only cater to a certain group of vapers. You will rarely come across a UK e-cig brand that is relevant for any level vaper. But don’t worry, VaporFi is a one-stop vaping shop with a downright absurd amount of options. So, we decided to conduct a full VaporFi review. Here is what we found:

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Spec List:

  • Battery Performance: From low performance to extremely powerful, VaporFi provides various battery power for every vaper.
  • Vapour Volume: Like the batteries on offer, VaporFi carries a range of device so vapour volume varies greatly. From cig-a-likes mimicking a cigarette to cloud chasing machines, the spectrum is very wide.
  • Throat Hit: Specialised throat hit due to the ability to create your own e-juice. Well-above average.
  • Flavour Quality: 30,000 personalised flavours to choose from. Top of the line quality. USA made.
  • Nicotine Info:Pharma grade nicotine + created by real life chemical engineers. What else could you ask for?
  • Size and Dimensions: Too many to list. There are over 30 devices on offer, each with different sizes and dimensions. Additionally, you can build your own kit.


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Design & Packaging:

The design and packaging of VaporFi products perfectly match their brand message – simplicity and colourful. Deciding to go with an abundance of colours, VaporFi subliminally reflects the amount of options on offer (which we will get to below). The design was carefully thought out and it shows. All products come in a white package with the VaporFi logo sitting nicely on the backdrop. It’s nothing elegant; rather it’s modest yet “outgoing.” The packaging itself is pretty standard – a light-weight but durable cardboard box with an air tight plastic seal keeps the products safe. Additionally, a nice added benefit is that VaporFi packaging lists the contents of the kit on the back of the box. Overall, the packaging may come off as standard but the design really stands out.

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Battery Performance/Vapour/Throat Hit:

So here are where things started to get crazy for us. VaporFi offers over a dozen different kits, and that’s not even including the “build your own” kit option. Naturally, we can’t possibly review each VaporFi battery without writing a book. We would probably need a publishing house to help us in this regard. But, we will say this. No matter what level of vaper you are (beginner, intermediate or advanced), all VaporFi batteries outperform almost every other brand’s battery in their respective categories. We found that their cig-a-like battery is well above average in terms of performance and responsiveness. You can expect about 275 puffs on a full charge. However, their vape pens, box mods and sub-ohm kits really put the competition to shame. For example, the VaporFi Rocket variable voltage starter kit employs a 1,600mAh battery that will last you close to 15 hours. Ha ha, no really – we aren’t kidding. And the charging time for a powerful battery like this? Simply incredible – less than three hours from dead to full, tops in the industry.

The vapour volume is even more impressive than the battery performance. There is no need for primer puffs on any VaporFi starter kits. From the very first puff, you will exhale large vapour clouds. But, this wasn’t really surprising, especially given the 1,600mAh battery. What’s impressive are the vapour clouds on some of their beginner kits, including their Express Starter Kit. Though the battery is only 180mAh, the vapour volume on this kit gives off about 25% more vapour than smoke from a tobacco cigarette.

As for the throat hit: this is the most remarkable out of the three here. Let’s take a look again at the Rocket kit. Due to the powerful battery and thick vapour clouds, you would expect a really strong throat hit designed only for the heaviest of vapers. But low and behold – this isn’t the case at all. The throat hit is indeed perfect – it packs a punch but it wasn’t over the top as we were expecting. Overall, the VaporFi throat hit is likely the most notable feature of their e-cigs.

VaporFi Batteries

Batteries Available:

  • Edge Battery
  • Vice Battery
  • Pro/Pro Variable Battery
  • Rocket Variable Battery
  • Express Battery
  • Air Battery
  • Rebel Battery

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When we reviewed UK E Cig Store, we were shocked by the amount of flavours that were available – over 550. No brand could possibly top this, right? Wrong! VaporFi offers…wait for it…over 30,000 flavours. Thirty THOUSAND. That’s more flavours than the number of e-cig brands, kits, accessories and flavours from other brands combined. Where do we even start? And how is this even possible? Thirty thousand flavours don’t exist, right? Well, let’s take a step back for a second. After looking into it, we saw that VaporFi actually offers close to 130 readymade flavours. However, VaporFi offers more customization options that any other brand in the world, and this is especially true for their flavours section. Mix and match any flavours you want and VaporFi chemists will make it for you – hence the 30,000 figure. PG e-liquid, VG e-liquid, a mix of PG and VG (you choose any percentage you want), pre filled cartridges, refillable cartridges, choice of “dosage” which VaporFi calls “Flavor Strength” (whereby you choose the level of strength – single, double or triple shot of flavour injected into your customised e-juice) – VaporFi has it all. Literally, they covered every millimeter of the flavour category. This is obviously outstanding for consumers. But, what about the actual taste? While we always make note of the fact that taste is a personal preference, VaporFi is widely considered to be the e-cig leader in taste. In fact, VaporFi’s main focus has always been on their flavour offerings. E-cigarette kits can be sold by anyone, but e-liquid is an art, and one that VaporFi has mastered beautifully. All VaporFi e-juice is manufactured in the USA and is registered with the FDA – no easy feat. They use top level nicotine only. And, their flavours are made by not only chemists, but ones that have years of experience in creating e-liquid. This is an extremely important factor to look at when deciding whether or not to buy e-liquid from a prospective company. Most companies don’t account for steeping/breathing times when creating their e-liquid. However, VaporFi has this down to a science and it is for this reason that they offer the best e-liquid on the market, by far. If for no other reason, it’s worth it to try out VaporFi just for their e-juice. E-juice is, without a doubt, the highlight of VaporFi.

VaporFi Flavours

Top Flavours:

  • Northern Lights
  • Hazelnut
  • Silky Milk Chocolate

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Nicotine Levels:

So, VaporFi still hasn’t caught your attention? Allow us to point out the absurd amount of nicotine levels available. This is important to understand so pay attention.

  1. 3.6% – addicts!
  2. 2.4% – heavy vapers
  3. 1.8% – average smokers
  4. 1.2% – light smokers
  5. 0.6% – ultra light smokers or use this level when mixing PG/VG e-liquid
  6. 0.3% – preferred level for VG e-liquid
  7. 0.15% – ultra light throat hit; use this level for VG e-liquid
  8. 0% – no nicotine

That’s 1.5 times more nicotine levels than most brands on the market. The reason for this is because of the flavours they offer. As we pointed out above, VaporFi is a fantastic option for any level vaper. Beginners will likely look for pre filled cartridges. Thus, their nicotine levels range from 0% to 2.4%. However, VaporFi also gives extremely heavy users another option with the 3.6% nicotine level. Moreover, intermediate and advanced users are probably looking for “cloud chasing” e-juice which requires a high percentage of VG e-liquid yet a low nicotine level. Thus, VaporFi offers 0.15%, 0.3% and 0.6% nicotine. Like we said, no matter what level vaper you are, there is plenty to choose from.

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Customer Service:

The customer service department at VaporFi is, as you would expect, gold standard. You can contact them via phone or email Monday-Friday. Unfortunately, there is no live chat option, but they are consistently available by phone. They are so brand conscious that even if there is an issue with your product and you were at fault, they will most likely replace it just as a courtesy. Their representatives are very friendly and helpful. They are more active on social media than any other e-cigarette company in the world. In short, you will always have someone to talk to if need be and your issue will be taken care of efficiently and professionally.

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As we mentioned in the battery section, there are simply way to many kits (over a dozen) and e-liquids (over 30,000) to review all at once. So, we will keep it short. Staying consistent with the “everything on offer” theme, VaporFi’s pricing is all encompassing. You can find starter kits for between  £18 – £120. As for their e-liquid – they offer ultra competitive pricing, especially considering the quality you are receiving. Most e-liquids are 30mL bottles, though VaporFi does offer some 10mL bottles as well. Pricing is between £4.99 – £14.99 per bottle.

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Money Back Guarantee & Warranty:

Of course, VaporFi offers a full 30 day money back guarantee, though you won’t need it. This is the first brand we have ever gone on record about saying that you won’t need it. That’s how much we enjoyed VaporFi’s products. If for some crazy reason you do return the product(s), make sure to contact customer service and ship it back with an RMA number. It’s as simple as that. Also, VaporFi does claim to offer a lifetime warranty, however this is a bit misleading. Lifetime here means three months. Still, that is more than enough time to see if VaporFi is for you or not. Keep in mind that products such as e-liquids, atomizer heads, clearomisers, tanks and drop tips aren’t covered under their warranty for obvious reasons.

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VaporFi offers free standard shipping which is still not always the standard at other stores. This really helps them stand out from the pack and makes ordering from them a great value.

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The Verdict:

In terms of offerings, customization and quality, there is no larger or better brand in the world than VaporFi. True, there are brands that have some superior vape kits (V2 Cigs for example), however when all is said and done, there is a high quality product for everyone with VaporFi. Moreover, the quality and amount of options with VaporFi is endless, specifically in regard to their e-juice section. Like we said: if for no other reason, you need to give VaporFi a shot simply for their unrivaled e-juice.

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