E Cigarettes Added to National Inflation Basket Index

We all know that electronic cigarettes have been a hot topic of debate AND a hot purchasing item in the UK for well over 5 years now. Between all of the surveys, statistics and news, e cigarettes have truly made a name for themselves in the UK. However, now it seems e cigs have just entered another league in regard to their standing in the consumer products section.

Every year, the UK uses various metrics to calculate annual inflation. One of these metrics that is used by the Office for National Statistics is the measurement of over 700 items. Many of these items include food and drink products, as these are more non elastic products that consumers need for day to day life. Additionally, every year about a dozen or so products end up being swapped in and out for others based on British buying patterns.

Well, it seems this year e cigarettes have (finally) been added to this list. With well over 2 million electronic cigarette users in the UK, it should come as no surprised that they were added to this index. Other notable products that made the cut are specialty beer, melon, chilled pizza, music streaming subscription services, and liver.

However, there is one more interesting thing to this report: we would like to point out that “refills and e liquids” were specifically added to the report, not just e cigs in general. Thus, we are sure to see a large number of naysayers come out and say that e cigarette usage is on the decline, or that only current e cig users are purchasing refills and e liquids. It is no secret that the media, for whatever reason, is widely against the use of electronic cigarettes. Naturally, most reports are shown in a negative manner, which thus may convince potential new users to stay away from them.

Fortunately though, the data points in the opposite direction. It seems that many we are a smart bunch and don’t always believe everything we read (or hear). The media can go on and on about the “dangers” or electronic cigarettes but they have failed, and will continue to fail. People are switching to e cigarettes at rapid speeds. And, the Office for National Statistics have just backed this up. We are willing to wager that e cigarettes are here to stay on this list for quite some time. Your move, naysayers.

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