E-Cigarettes in 2015 & Beyond

E-cigarettes have come a long way since their inception. Although electronic cigarettes were technically first manufactured in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, this disruptive technology did not really commercially hit the market until late 2007/early 2008. Many years have passed and we have seen some game changing trends and technology over the past 6-7 years. We saw the rise of the cig-a-like e cigarettes and, even more so, we have seen a dramatic increase in e cigarette enthusiasts building their own mods. With all of the changes that have hit the market over the past several years, can we accurately project what will occur in 2015 and beyond? Clearly this is a difficult question to answer however we will try our best.

More Bureaucracy and More Studies:

This is one thing we can confidently state as fact: due to the increased exposure of e cigs, we will see more politicians and health care experts come out and give their own opinions about e cigs, especially in the UK. We have already seen this with the government classifying/licensing e cigarettes as medicine and regulated as a smoking cessation device (starting in 2016). Likewise, more studies on the long term (and short term) health effects of electronic cigarettes will pop up. Studies, both pro and anti e cigarettes, have already been conducted right here in the UK. These studies are sure to please (and anger) many people.

Tanks, Mods and E-Liquid:

At first, many people were curious as to why vapour enthusiasts were turning to mods/tanks. The truth is that there is no concrete results from a survey or study as to why many people started switching. However, this is likely the reason: the e cigarette market is very much saturated. It is said that there are well over 2 million e cigarette UK smokers. The UK has seen an explosion in growth, however from what we see, that growth is quickly declining in one area: cig-a-like e cigarettes. To put it bluntly, most cig-a-like electronic cigarettes are horrendous. There are quite literally only a handful of cig-a-likes that deliver high quality results. Given the fact that there are hundreds of e cigarette brands on the market, many people end up purchasing from low quality e cigarette providers. Needless to say, this frustrates many customers, who have then turned to tanks and e-liquids. Furthermore, cig-a-likes are excellent for beginners, but as we stated, only a handful deliver high quality results. The natural progression for a customer is an e cigarette mod. This sector should continue to see a sharp increase in e cigarette sales.

Cig-a-Like E-Cigarettes:

Although we painted a relatively gloomy picture for cig-a-likes in the above paragraph, things are actually looking pretty good for cig-alike e cigarettes in 2015. For starters, there are thousands of people joining the e cig revolution each day (and this is just in the UK market). Naturally, many of these people will start with a cig-a-like. Secondly and more importantly, we have seen an influx of Big Tobacco companies into the e cigarette UK and US markets. Lorillard purchased Blu and SkyCig (which has subsequently been rebranded as Blu). Altria bought Green Smoke. Japan Tobacco acquired E-Lites in mid-2014. With all of the money and political pull that Big Tobacco brings to the table (for better or for worse), cig-a-likes will be a major player in 2015 and for the foreseeable future.

E cigarettes have been a game changer for countless people. The vapour community numbers in the tens of millions worldwide. Unsurprisingly, there will be constant changes, upgrades and innovations to the product as time passes by. We will do our very best to cover all of the news out there. Here’s to new changes and new beginnings in 2015!

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