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JacVapour is one of the largest electronic cigarette companies in the UK and rightly so. They offer some of the best starter kits on the market for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. The overall quality of their kits are impressive. If you look deeper into their kits, you will see why. A large majority of e-cigarette companies simply purchase generic e-cig kits and rebrand them. Not JacVapour. They actually design and engineer their own products from start to finish. Given this fact, we were somewhat expecting high quality e-liquid from JacVapour. However, we all know that e-juice manufacturing is a completely separate story. So naturally, we were curious. Can JacVapour stay consistent and deliver high quality e-juice to their patrons or will they fall flat due to complex e-liquid manufacturing? Let’s take a look at JacVapour e-liquids and what they have to offer.

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Before we go into detail about the quality of the JacVapour e-liquids, we will say that they are certainly a leader in e-juice creation. We actually found this to be an anomaly because JacVapour didn’t really start focusing on their e-liquids until late 2013. They are a relative ‘new-comer’ to the e-liquid world. Creating world class e-liquid takes years of trial and error testing – similar to Green Smoke’s R&D with their throat hit. How they were able to become a leader in e-juice creating is nothing short of mind blowing. And, it isn’t just about e-juice quality. Their offerings are absolutely incredible which we will get to below. For now, let’s focus on their quality. JacVapour tests all of their e-liquids in independent labs in the UK for quality assurance purposes. Furthermore, all of their e-liquids are CHIP compliant. The CHIP compliancy doesn’t necessarily ‘wow’ us because all e-liquid manufacturers need this as required by law. However, anyone can produce e-liquid so it’s nice to see that JacVapour has each bottle of e-liquid tested in independent labs in London. Now, in regard to the taste: this is truly a subjective topic so we can only give our personal opinions here. We thought that the JacVapour e-juices were above average but nothing out of this world. This was the only reason that held us back from giving them the number one ranking in this category. Otherwise, coupled with everything else (which you will read below), JacVapour is the clear cut leader in e-liquid manufacturing in the UK.


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Prior to looking at JacVapour’s e-liquid pricing, we were expecting a somewhat expensive price range. E-liquids that are manufactured in-house, each bottle is independently tested, they are a brand name – all factors going into our assumption of seeing a high price. But when we saw the JacVapour e-liquid pricing, we had to rub our eyes. Literally – we refreshed the page several times to make sure we were seeing things accurately. Get this – there isn’t one e-liquid bottle that is more than £6.99. In fact, most of their eliquids are between £2.99 and £3.99. While these are prices for the 10mL bottles, still…you won’t find cheaper pricing than that, especially from a high quality brand!

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Here are where things get crazy. Like Pure E-Liquids, JacVapour offers vapers four different e-liquid ‘companies’ to choose from. However, in the case of JacVapour, you aren’t choosing from four separate ‘companies.’ Rather, you are only choosing JacVapour e-liquids but from four separate categories. You can choose ‘Standard E-Liquid,’ ‘UK Made E-Liquid,’ ‘Clear Steam Vapourless E-Liquid,’ and ‘PICNIC DIY E-Liquid.’ There are a whopping 60 e-liquids to choose from throughout these four categories, with over 30 total flavours. Most of them are offered in the ‘Standard E-Liquid’ or ‘UK Made E-Liquid’ categories. Choose between PG and VG e-liquid, or combined the two. JacVapour also makes it easy for vapers to choose how much e-juice they want to purchase by offering three different bottle sizes: 10mL, 20mL or 30mL bottles. Flavours Available: Apple, Cappuccino, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Grape, Green Peppermint, Kiwi, Menthol, Mint, Tobacco Desert Ship, Tobacco DKTAB, Tobacco, Tobacco Reds, Tobacco Virgin, Vanilla, Watermelon, Banana Milkshake, Blackcurrant Squash, Bubblegum, Tin Blue, Tin Red, Pure Menthol, Real Coffee, Real Raspberry, Real Tobacco Lite, Real Tobacco, Real Vanilla, Smooth Cigar, Spearmint, Strawberry Chew, Toffee.


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We thought that it got crazy when we started looking into JacVapour’s offerings. Things got out of hand when we saw the level of customization offered by JacVapour. For starters, they are one of the only companies that allows mixing and matching. What do we mean? You can take two flavours and combine them to make your personal custom made e-liquid flavour. Secondly, you can not only choose between PG and VG e-liquid like other brands but you can choose your PG and VG levels. With most other e-liquid providers, they set their own levels so there’s not much you can do. Additionally, JacVapour has a newer line of e-liquids that is called ‘Clear Steam Vapourless E-Liquids.’ This range offers what looks like your average e-liquid…except it isn’t. Yes, the nicotine, flavour and throat hit are all the same as regular e-liquid, but this range of e-liquids don’t give off any vapour. The vapour dissipates prior to being exhaled. The reason why JacVapour created this is because as you may well know and as we have written about extensively, the media unfortunately paints a very negative picture regarding vaping. Thus, many people have a negative perception about e-cigs. Clear Steam Vapourless E-Liquids will enable you to vape without giving off vapour, and therefore limiting concerns from people who don’t vape or don’t like vaping. Lastly, JacVapour offers DIY E-Liquid called PICNIC which gives you all essential supplies for making your own e-liquid! You want customization? You won’t find better than with JacVapour.

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JacVapour Flavours

Top Flavours:

  • Tobacco Virgin
  • Cappuccino
  • Menthol


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