Famous E-Cigarette Opponent in Steamy Situation

If you’ve been following the news at all lately, you’ll notice the obscene amount of sexual harassment allegations worldwide. It’s not just in Hollywood. Unfortunately, this is a global issue.

Now, you may be wondering: what does this type of harassment have to do with e-cigarettes? Excellent question. But before we go on, let it be known that these are currently only allegations and no legal judgment has been passed down. Also, just because it’s against an infamous long-term anti-vaping person doesn’t mean we should rejoice.

Yes, we can’t believe it either. According to the Daily Cal, allegations from Eunice Neeley have been filed against the University of California Board of Regents. The lawsuit claims that the school not only allowed this harassment by Professor Stanton Glantz but also allowed him to use his power to retaliate against her when she complained. The lawsuit also alleges that the Professor harassed a “number of her (Neeley’s) female colleagues.” Followers of the vaping market are well aware of Professor Stanton Glantz of UCSF (University of California San Francisco). In fact, we have mentioned the well-known professor a few times – here and here are just two examples.

Additionally, if true, some of the statements (and conduct) that Neeley claims Glantz made are downright horrifying. Glantz apparently believed that he was untouchable, specifically due to his tenure. For example, she claims that Glantz told other students that “you can rape the Vice Chancellor’s daughter and still have a job.” Moreover, he is also accused of taking Neeley’s name off of one of the papers she wrote, and that he inserted his name as the lead author. According to the lawsuit, this was because she reported his behaviour to the university.

The reason why this is such big news in the vaping world is because of who the lawsuit is against. Professor Glantz is arguably the loudest e-cigarette opponent in the world…which is quite interesting given how much he has done for the world in combatting tobacco use. He is also very (in)famous for using very questionable reasoning and methods in achieving his “results” when it comes to e-cigarette research. For a Professor of such stature in the tobacco community, we are surprised by his stance regarding e-cigs, especially since concrete evidence suggests the exact opposite of his stance.

Either way, over the coming months we will see how this all unfolds. Though he is a foe to the e-cig community, we hope these allegations are false.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Loa Bacon/CC BY 2.0

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