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Finally Conclusive? E-Cigs are Best Option for Smoking Cessation

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You’ve heard it before. You’ve seen the research results. E-cigarettes are, in fact, a viable smoking cessation device. You know, to be honest, we’re kind of getting sick and tired of showing the results of these studies. Unfortunately though, it must be done to counter anyone who is anti-vaping. These people have some sick and twisted idea that e-cigarettes are, at the very least, just as harmful as tobacco. Obviously, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In addition to this, we constantly provide this information so people against vaping cannot claim that we are cherry-picking information/results and using them to skew the actual findings. Regarding how useful e-cigarettes are for people looking to quit smoking, there have been several highly publicised studies that outlined just how much e-cigarettes work. This can be seen:

And now, if that isn’t enough, a brand new e-cigarette study published in the BMJ further shows that e-cigarettes are strongly linked to smoking cessation. Who would have thought?! It’s not like the UK government agrees and is encouraging people to vape at work or anything like that…oh wait.

In the new report, researchers analysed data from over 161,000 smokers. Yes – this was one of the largest sample sizes ever used in an e-cig research study. The findings showed that vapers quit much more successfully than smokers that didn’t use electronic cigarettes. How much more successfully? By over 70%! 8.2% of people who used e-cigs quit tobacco whereas only 4.8% of people who didn’t use e-cigs actually quit tobacco. In a not so shocking twist of fate, the overall population smoking cessation rate in 2014-2015 was also substantially higher than all other previous years within the past 15 years.

Of course, the BMJ stated in their conclusion that these results need to be understood carefully before implementing damning regulation controls on e-cigarettes. Translation? “Hey politicians – don’t be stoooooopid and stop enacting laws that only benefit you.”

It is important to know that this study was conducted in the United States of America. We all know Americans are a bit slow, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. However, we expect them to become enlightened in the not too distant future. Just like the UK’s position. And, just like many groups such as Public Health England and various public health officials like Christopher Bullen (professor of public health – University of Auckland in New Zealand) who said, “In light of this evidence, policymakers in countries contemplating a more restrictive approach to the regulation of e-cigarettes should pause to consider if pursuing such a course of action is the right thing to do for population health.”

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