For Fertility’s Sake? Some Say a Ban on Vaping Flavours is Needed

Just when you thought lobby groups scientists couldn’t get any worse in regard to vaping, it happens! In what is by far the most ludicrous piece of “research” we have ever seen, “scientists” have found that flavoured e-juice is extremely harmful to a man’s sperm.

Unfortunately, the report has yet to be published so everything is up in the air at this point in time. But, the fact of the matters remains that this is far from actual scientific research, no matter who carried it out. This was essentially a bunch of scientists coming together for a massive ‘fest’ in the hopes of reaching the ultimate climax, and then having that splattered all over the media/internet.

But wait, you say: this research could theoretically be true! Look, we understand that the research process in specific is complex. And, there are always multiple ways to show the data. But, this case was explicitly, well, idiotic. Seriously, if you believe you have a better word, please let us know!

The scientists gathered 30 semen samples from thirty men for the tests. Per the report, they grew one-third of the sperm “in a dish with propylene glycol, the main chemical used to keep e-cigarette fluid moist. The other samples were grown with vaping liquid that had been flavoured with cinnamon or bubblegum, two best-selling varieties.” Yes, you read that correctly: scientists extracted sperm and literally mixed it with vaping e-juice.

The results were as anyone would expect: damning. Both the cinnamon and bubblegum flavours had a “significantly worse effect on the number, motility and maturity of the sperm than the normal liquid.”

The “research” was led by Dr. Helen O’Neill and her colleagues from the University College London (for all intents and purposes this “study” sounds like it was conducted by middle schoolers) which is shocking enough. What’s worse, the findings were presented at the Fertility 2017 Conference in Edinburgh late last week (which was subsequently, of course, picked up by major media outlets here in the UK). And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Dr. O’neill was convinced enough by her findings to recommend a total suspension of e-juice flavours to the public until more research is conducted.

Never mind the fact that dripping e-juice into sperm samples is a totally unrealistic simulation of how the process goes (liquid turns to vapour, which is inhaled into the lungs). This is the new age of war against vaping people!

They are sure getting creative these days!

Photo Credit: Flickr – Dave Sutherland/CC BY 2.0

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