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Good News? Less US Teens Vaping Says Report

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It’s a widely accepted stance that laws are great things to have in place. It keeps people safe and things in order. But, the main reason why we put laws into place is for the sake of children and future generations. It’s why we care so much about the environment, for example. Sure, it’s about us, but it’s much more for the benefit of our children.

However, even the environment doesn’t compare to how we feel about the health of our children. This is the most important issue parents all across the world care about. That’s why when all the hoopla surrounding teen e-cig usage was plastered throughout the media several years ago, no one was shocked. Everyone took an interest in the topic, especially the pro-vaping community. No one wants to see someone pick up vaping from nothing. The pro-vaping community has a long-standing stance of: “inhaling anything that isn’t air will never be as healthy as inhaling oxygen.”

Well, now the entire world can breathe a breath of fresh air. It seems as though teen vaping figures have decline significantly in the US according to a new report. As of last year, there were roughly 3 million teens in the US who were active vapers. This number has now fallen to 2.2 million teens as of this year.

Obviously, the CDC (not exactly a vaping enthusiast group) was extremely happy, noting that this was definitely a ‘public health win.’ Other people chimed in as well, saying that this was great for teen health overall. However, is this really the case? And, what in reality can this be attributed to? Is it just that teens are stopping to vape completely or are they going back to tobacco?

Answers are in the Data

Well, if you look at it from a plain point of view, then yes – this is certainly good news. We want everyone, and especially teens, to stop smoking, and even vaping. Why inhale anything at all when the best thing to do is to quit altogether with everything? But, we live in a realistic world, not an ideal one.

You see, we already know that literally just about everyone who vapes is either a current or former tobacco smoker. The percentage of people who tried vaping when they had never tried tobacco before is negligible. We also know, from study after study, that teens also don’t just randomly pick up e-cigs. They’re just like adults. The overwhelming majority of teens who vape are either current or former tobacco smokers.

So, even if the data is correct and the number of teens in the US who vape really did drop, we don’t know yet what these 800,000 teens are currently doing. Have they quit altogether? Have they moved back to tobacco? Researchers should focus on this…because if the data shows that the majority of these teens stopped vaping while not going back to tobacco, that’s a massive win for vapour and further backs up our claims that e-cigarettes are a viable alternative to tobacco.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Rpavich/CC BY 2.0