How Can I Blow Bigger Vape Clouds

Vaping is certainly a good way to get your nicotine. You don’t have to deal with any of the tar that comes with cigarettes, it’s affordable, and you can choose your own flavors. But using a vape isn’t always just about getting a hit of nicotine. It’s about style.

Blowing huge vape clouds is one of the best things about using a vaporizer. It’s possible to blow huge clouds with other forms of smoke, but it’s generally a lot harder and a lot more uncomfortable. When you’re vaping, it’s quite easy to get a huge hit and let the world know how big your clouds can be.

There’s a bit of a technique to it, though. In this article, we’re going to outline how to blow some massive clouds,zc so you can do it yourself.

What Tanks Should I Use?

There are a lot of different choices of vape tanks. Some of them are great for blowing huge clouds, and others not so much. Smaller tanks, for example, might be great for portability and for daily usage, but they’re not the best for helping people blow huge clouds of smoke.

The best type of tanks for blowing huge clouds are low resistance, sub ohm clearomisers. Tanks with a bottom vertical coil with a resistance of around 0.5 ohms are great for blowing huge clouds. The coils are immensely beneficial because they help to reduce the resistance and allow more vapour to be inhaled.

When you’re using sub ohm tanks it’s important to make sure that you get a battery that can handle them. The Aspire CF Sub Ohm is a great battery for this purpose.

Changing Airflow Settings

Changing the airflow settings is important. The more airflow you have, the cooler the vapour can get and the more you can inhale.

  • You’ll want to make sure that you keep the temperature relatively low. If you have it too high, you can burn your wick and this can cause damage to your vape.
  • You want to maximize the amount of air that you have travelling over the coil. This allows your vape the opportunity to make more vapour. You see, once your vape juice is vaporized, the area above the coil becomes densely filled with vapour. Some of the vapour then needs to be condensed again so it can turn back into e-liquid before more vapour can be generated and inhaled.

If you allow your air to flow quickly over the coil, this will help to replace the old vapour with fresh vapour. You’ll be able to inhale significantly more by ensuring that you have more airflow.

One might think that having condensed vapour would limit the size of their clouds. However, it’s important to note that when you’re exhaling vapour, you’re actually exhaling a type of aerosol – liquid droplets. That means that the more condensed your vapour is, the more liquid you’re inhaling and the bigger your cloud will be upon the exhale.

Adjusting Power Settings

This is simple – the more power you have, the bigger clouds you’ll blow. Try to maximize your power output when you’re trying to blow big clouds. Vaping with 60 watts will almost always guarantee larger clouds than when vaping at 30 watts.

However, it’s important to note that when you increase the power, you also increase the heat. This can make the vapour uncomfortably hot for some people. Increasing airflow can help to balance the heat while increasing the density of your vapour, thus leading to larger clouds.

Choosing E-Liquids

The main difference between the types of vapour you’re choosing from relate to whether they contain more PG or more VG.

  • PG provides more of a throat hit, and many people find it more satisfying than VG.
  • VG will provide more vapour and is beneficial for anyone who is vaping for style and huge clouds.

In Conclusion

There is no right or wrong way to vape, but the information included in this article includes some helpful tips on how to blow huge vape clouds. Hopefully this information helps you increase your style, your comfort, and your overall vaping experience.

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