Is Vaping Weed Safe?

Vaping is becoming more and more popular these days. People have been vaping weed for decades, but with the advent of things like e-cigarettes and personal vaping devices, people are starting to vape more and more.

In this article we’re going to outline whether or not it’s safe to vape weed. The truth of the matter lies in the way that you go about vaping your weed.

How Are You Vaping Your Weed?

There are many different ways that you can vaporize your weed, but the two most basic forms are a vape pen of some sort or a traditional vaporization device, like the Volcano.

  • Traditional vaping devices are designed so that people can vape weed. These devices allow you to evaporate the crystalline THC off the weed without actually combusting anything so there’s no smoke.

  • Vape pens can be used to smoke bud, but they’re more often used to smoke cannabis extracts like oil. Vaping weed in a vape pen can be difficult because you run the risk of combusting it and inhaling smoke if you don’t have the right temperature.

What Are You Vaping?

It also depends on what you’re actually vaping.

  • Bud. Bud is best vaporized in a traditional marijuana vaporizer because there’s less chance of it combusting and you inhaling smoke.

  • Extracts are best smoked through vape pens or specialized rigs that are used for vaporizing, like a dab rig.

So is it safe?

It can be hard to specify exactly whether or not vaping weed is safe. First off, what are you worried about?

If you’re worried about inhaling smoke, then vaping weed is generally safe, especially if you’re vaping bud from a traditional vaporizer. However, if you’re vaping any sort of oil or extract, make sure that you’re absolutely certain of its purity. Many makers of extracts sell the product with residual butane or other substances that can be harmful when inhaled.

The other thing to worry about is the potential psychological and physical dangers of consuming excessive amounts of THC. This is especially true if you’re vaping large amounts of THC extracts – marijuana simply wasn’t meant to be consumed in this high of a concentration, multiple times a day.

If you’re vaping oil all day, you’ll probably begin to notice things like lower energy, fatigue, memory issues, and possible weight gain. You’re also more likely to start craving weed – if you don’t think this is the case, try to go 3 days without taking a hit of oil!

Other than that, vaping weed is pretty safe – especially compared to some other substances. It’s less addictive than nicotine and has more potential benefits.

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