JUUL Continues Dominance Where Others Have Failed

As the electronic cigarette industry continues to grow, there has been no shortage of different products to hit the market, all promising to deliver the latest and greatest approach to delivering that nicotine buzz. However, while certain products have come and gone in the vaping industry, very few have really managed to find their footing and catch on. That is, except for a product known as JUUL.

This e-cigarette has not only maintained an avid following for some time, but it has continued to dominate a market where so many other products have failed. This unique device actually comes in the form of a USB drive that you can charge in a laptop. This small vaporizer is not only tech-friendly, but it comes in a variety of different flavours such as mango and mint.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that JUUL has continued to be a strong force in the market is due to its popularity with younger users. Visit any college campus and you will see students of all types using JUUL. Some use it for stress relief; others simply like the taste and many find it is a less harmful replacement for traditional cigarettes.

Additionally, they are great for the on-the-go user, making them a tough act to beat even in the vapour market. They are flat and fit in the palm of your hand, and are thinner and lighter than an iPhone. Plus, young users can plug them right into their existing technology devices to charge them.

So, just how popular are these handheld vaporizing devices?

Well, a recent report on the U.S. tobacco industry found that the market has recently experienced a 6 percent decline in sales and researchers at Citi believe that JUUL is at the front of this transition. While in the United States, 38 percent of high schoolers have already tried vaping, in the U.K. 39.5 percent of current smokers have used vaping to quit smoking tobacco. In short, as vaping grows in popularity, traditional cigarette use is taking a hit. This is great news for JUUL, as according to their CEO their goal is to switch cigarette users.

While there are other vaping products, ever since JUUL emerged as a powerhouse in the market in 2017, there have been very few products that can compare. In the year 2017, the device represented an astonishing 54.6 percent of sales in the alternative smoking technology industry. At one point, the brand also had 27 percent of the dollar market share of the total e-cigarette category.

Even though the company is relatively new they are already producing an astonishing amount of inventory, which includes over 20 million products every month—numbers that even the closest competitors in their industry can’t really keep up with.

Speaking of competition, is there anyone that really presents a threat to JUUL? Well right now, their biggest threat is actually keeping up with the demand for their product. While other companies have tried to mimic the USB style vaporizer that JUUL first introduced to the market, no one else has found the success that JUUL has. While products like Green Smoke have had their fleeting moments of popularity, it is JUUL’s long-term substantial growth that really makes it stand out in this market.

So, while it may seem like the vapour industry is growing rapidly, with new stores popping up all over the country, if you take a look inside you will see that shop owners can barely keep JUUL on the shelves as it continues to have a strong hold on the market. With “JUULing” quickly becoming a household term and the company showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, there is no denying that this product will continue to drive the vaping market for years to come.

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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  1. Great article! Indeed it seems vaping si slowly, but surely taking over.

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