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MASSIVE Correlation Between E-Cigs and Declining Tobacco Usage Rates

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In the age of instant gratification and media sensationalism, it seems everyone has an ego these days. And, it’s not just limited to individuals. We see larger corporations beating their chests and ranting about just how awesome they are. Even if these organisations are pro-vaping, we’re going to call them out when they dramatise things. This is what happened recently with various groups including ASH, Cancer Research UK, YouGov and Public Health England.

A recent report came out showing that the number of UK tobacco smokers has dropped significantly (by 2 million people) within the past 10 years – from 10.2 million people to 8.3 million smokers as of 2016. Firstly, we would like to say: this is excellent news! We hope to continue seeing this dramatic decline continue over the coming years.

Now on to the good stuff. These organisations came out and were touting their own horns, saying that the smoking ban they helped pass roughly a decade ago is the main reason for such a large drop in tobacco usage rates.

People from within these organisations were definitely not shy in expressing their happiness about the smoking ban. They cited the bans effects on protecting people from passive smoking, on people viewing smoking as less socially acceptable, and its effects on getting the government involved in curbing cigarette smoking.

On the surface then, it would seem that this smoking ban has been wildly successful. But, is this really the truth?

While it’s all nice to think that the smoking ban helped, we are very weary as to just how effective it really was. In fact, we here at E Cigarette Reviews UK believe the ban had minimal, if any *real*, effect on smoking rates across the UK. Our beliefs are backed up by Forest, a non-biased smokers group, who said, “It’s disingenuous to suggest the smoking ban has been a significant factor in reducing smoking rates. For five years after 2007 smoking rates fell in line with the pre-ban trend. The most substantial fall in smoking rates happened after 2012, a period that coincided with the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes.”

Look, we understand the need to self-promote your own initiatives such as the smoking ban. But, these groups have already been very, very active in promoting e-cigarettes as well. It’s time to recognise the primary driving force behind the declining tobacco rates – e-cigarettes.

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