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More Vaping Positives Happening in UK While USA Stumbles

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It’s quite well-known that Americans and Britons don’t exactly like each other. Sure, we get along overall and our economies are strong. But when it comes to the cultural aspect of life, we often sling one-liner jokes back and forth at each other. Well, chalk up another one-liner win for us here in the UK…almost. If it weren’t for the serious nature of vaping worldwide, we would love nothing more than to laugh right back in the faces of our American neighbours.

You see, in the USA they are having big problems with vaping legislature. But it doesn’t just stop in California. Dozens of states across the USA are weighing hefty vaping taxes, some as large as roughly 70%. In contrast to this, our government is very open to the use of electronic cigarettes. It would be easy (and fun) to poke fun at the Americans. “You are your ignorant kind,” “Big Tobacco’s gonna own you and there’s nothing you can do about it,” “HA – you have to deal with the FDA.” Okay, we’ll spare our friends across the pond (but that was fun while it lasted)! However, in all seriousness, this is no laughing matter. When it comes to vaping, we are a community. A family. We would like to help our neighbours in their fight against these batsh*t crazy vaping laws, and start taking the UK’s approach to e-cigs. The best way to do this is to spread as much information as possible about what’s happening on our side of the world.

Recently, Scotland has started enforcing e-cigarette restrictions to people under the age of 18. This is something that the pro-vaping community has been pushing for alongside the anti-vaping groups. This is a huge positive. But something much more encouraging happened when this news was released. Scottish Government Minister for Public Health & Sport Aileen Campbell, knowingly or not, became another lobbyist for vaping. While she noted that sale of e-cigs to under 18s will now be illegal, she also stated, “We know e-cigarettes are almost certainly safer than cigarettes and have a role to help people quit smoking, but we don’t believe children should have access to them – that’s why these age restrictions are so important.”

For those that don’t remember, Scotland initially did not hold the same position about e-cigarettes as other countries within the UK. Yes – many claimed that the Scottish government was against e-cig use. However, over the last two years in particular, that has changed dramatically, specifically in regard to government officials and health groups coming out in favour of e-cigarettes and vaping.

The fact that the Minister for Public Health in Scotland came out in favour of e-cigs provides another lifeline to our American vaping friends, and vapers around the world as well.

E-cigs ARE Safer

Another claim that can be put to rest is that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes. No, not in regard to health effects. Many people have claimed that e-cigarettes are as large of a fire hazard as tobacco cigarettes. While no statistics were ever brought, it didn’t stop people from mouthing off about this. How did this start? With the rise of e-cig battery explosions of course.

Did it help that E Cigarette Reviews UK, among many others, completely obliterated this claim? No, of course not. But now, an actual safety expert has spoken. Dan Daly, the London Fire Brigade’s assistant commissioner for fire safety, said that e-cigs hold fewer fire risks than tobacco cigarettes.

Are you interested in the actual statistics? Here they are:

  • 1,213 tobacco related fires in 2016; 21 deaths (108 injuries)
  • 4 e-cigarette related fires in 2016; no deaths (or injuries)

With all this positive information coming out, seemingly on a weekly basis, the future of e cigarettes looks bright here in the UK. Hopefully, our American neighbours take notice.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Nicolas Raymond/CC BY 2.0