New Study: Vaping Essentially Does NOT Cause Cancer

So, who remembers all of those studies about how e-cigarettes and vaping in general produce high levels of aldehydes and other dangerous stuff? Of course you do. You definitely remember the media over-exaggerating it. The entire anti-vaping community has used this fact false narrative in order to harm the vaping industry. Basically, these people make the claim that vaping produces very high levels of aldehydes and thus causes cancer.

At first, we didn’t know what to make of these studies. Could it be true? Were we wrong all along? Unfortunately, most of us don’t understand the science behind it. However, there are a few vaping advocates who do in fact know how to analyse a research report. As it turns out, these anti-vaping studies were completely flawed (and that’s an understatement).

For example, one study pointed out that vaping produces dangerous levels of chemicals. And, it was true……………….technically speaking. Yes, what happened in that study was hilarious. The researchers upped the amount of power while vaping to such insane levels. To levels that no vaper will ever, EVER reach. Ever. And of course, the expected outcome was released – a cancer ‘breeding’ device. Formaldehydes galore. And that’s when the pro-vaping community blasted these so-called studies. But, that wasn’t enough. In hindsight, we should have studied the effects of vaping at normal levels.

Well, luckily for us, that research has finally come out. In a brand-new research report, it was found that vaping poses less than a 1% risk of cancer than tobacco does when vaping at normal power levels. Not 1%. LESS THAN 1%.

What’s more, Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University, a well-known advocate of e-cigs, said, “This study should put to rest any doubt within the tobacco control movement about whether vaping greatly reduces health risk compared to smoking. Numerous anti-tobacco groups and health departments have repeatedly asserted that vaping is no less hazardous than smoking, but this claim is false, and the present study adds significantly to the already substantial evidence that vaping is orders of magnitude safer than smoking.”

“THE” Professor Glantz

Yes, it’s Professor Stanton Glantz again to try and ruin the day! Seriously, were you expecting someone else? It’s like an internet troll that will never let you get the last word. On his blog, he essentially mentioned that cancer is only responsible for a third of tobacco deaths and that the other two-thirds come from cardiovascular problems (among other issues) due to exposure to ultrafine liquid particles from vaping…except for the fact that there is literally zero evidence that these particles can ‘camp out’ in the lungs or arteries.

Thankfully, another famous vaping proponent, cardiologist Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos shot back at Glantz’s blog post, saying, “This unimaginable statement is not only inhumane but it is also totally unscientific and contrary to any available data. More deaths will be prevented through reductions in lung disease and cancers compared to reductions in cardiovascular/metabolic disease.”

We can’t say we’re too surprised given Dr. Glantz’s (humourous) past regarding e-cigarette “research.”

Photo Credit: Flickr – CC/BY 2.0

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