No, Vaping Likely Does Not Cause Cancer

Cancer. It’s the one word no one ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, this word reared its ugly head just last week, and it had to do with vaping. New researched suggested that e-cigarettes cause cancer. Naturally, the entire vaping industry was initially in shock. How could this be? Granted, anything that you put in your lungs other than oxygen isn’t 100% healthy but still. The thing we’ve been hailing at our saviour is now our enemy? It couldn’t be. We had a myriad of research behind us showing us all the positives of e cigarettes. What happened? Overhyped and poor quality research, that’s what.

We will admit that we were genuinely concerned when this first came out. Yes, we read the report and it didn’t look good. But, we’re not scientists just like most people are not either. When trials are done all over the world (for most things), tests are primarily carried out on animals. That’s right, it’s not uncommon to see mice as test subjects. This is exactly what happened here with this new piece of research.

At the end of the trial, it was shown that vapour significantly altered the DNA makeup of mice, which increases the risk of cancer. Furthermore, human cells were also put to the test in a laboratory which showed similar results to the mice.

But remember, these tests are exactly that: tests…that were carried out on animals (not humans) and in a laboratory (not in a real life environment). It may not be the same thing as this but it’s similar to when researchers tested vaping in an unrealistic manner.

More importantly, we need to keep in mind that the bottom line results from the research aren’t that bad. While the title is highly catchy and newsworthy, the bottom line results are very dull. “It is therefore possible that e-cigarette smoke may contribute to lung and bladder cancer, as well as heart disease, in humans.” That’s the worst the research said. Additionally, Cancer Research UK came out and strongly criticised the report, and for good reason.

So, while the research report could theoretically be true, it likely isn’t, especially considering all of the current data we have on vaping.

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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