Passion for E Cigs Lost or More Fear Mongering?

Despite the fact that e cigarette users are at an all-time high here in the UK, the media now claims that people may have lost “passion” for these (amazing) devices. The clearly brings back the infamous debate from several years ago about e cigs being a fad product. Will e cig sales see a massive drop the likes of SodaStream in the US this past year?

This is a great question no doubt and as much as we love e cigarettes, the truth is that nothing is certain in life. It could go either way (we’re willing to bet, though, that e cigarette sales continue to explode in 2015 and beyond). Sadly (nor not), this is not the point. We would like to get to the bottom of this: are user really losing the passion for e cigs or is it just more media fear mongering against e cigs? Let’s take a look!

E Cigarette Sales

Contrary to what many sites claim, e cigarette sales are still continuing to grow. Yes – we admit sales have slowed down, however there is still a percentage increase in overall new and existing customer sales…not just in the UK but worldwide. While it is impossible to capture every smoker and turn them into e cigarette users, the market is still ripe for the taking. Meaning – there is still a ton of room for sales growth.

Passion Itself

Okay, so the data shows that e cigarette sales are on the rise. With this you can make the claim that the passion is not lost. However, it is still not factual evidence. For that, anyone can simply go to any e cigarette forum. The estimated number of users on e-cigarette forums is in the millions. We also admit we have not conducted any scientific survey, however the statistics from these forums don’t lie.

Is it Passion or Something Else (or Fluff)?

There have been dozens of articles that have come out of large media outlets to try and discredit e cigarettes. Whether it be because of fires caused, child deaths (two in total that we know of globally), health effects or something else, it’s as if the media wants to paint a bad picture of e cigs. The latest piece of garbage article to come out against e cigarettes is from The Telegraph. The title of the article is “Smokers lose passion for e-cigarettes as sales stall.” We don’t know about you but judging from that headline, we were expecting charts and data from e cigarette sales volume to back this up. Instead, not only did they not back up this claim, but they went completely off topic! The headline suggest that smokers are losing passion, yet the very first line in the article states, “Fewer smokers are switching to e-cigarettes over concerns about the quality and health benefits of the “smoke-free” replacements.” So is it because of passion or because of the “nonexistent health benefits” as they would say? The rest of the article essentially goes on to focus on the health effects of e cigarettes and proves absolutely nothing about the “passion” being lost.

Looking Beyond the Media

There are surveys conducted by various groups. Yet, it only captures a very small sample size – not enough to accurately gather hard data. Therefore, the next best place to look would be e cigarette companies themselves. Most companies are private, however some have been bought by publicly traded companies (like Green Smoke). Look at their sales volume along with others such as SkyCig and Blu. All are still experiencing growth. VMR products, which owns V2 Cigs and is the largest online retailer of e cigarettes in the world, is still seeing sizable sales growth.

In sum, it seems this is just more baseless fear mongering from the big bad media.

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