Rampant Exaggeration on Health Effects of E-Cigs

We strive to provide some of the most critical news and industry trends in the most professional way possible. While we admit to trying to portray e cigarettes in a positive light, we will not stray from news and research results that shed a negative light on e-cigs. Due to the fact that we are always on the lookout for recent news (positive or negative), we came across some very “interesting” e cigarette articles right here on UK sites.

We all know that our major media outlets generally tend to bash electronic cigarettes. If it’s not about the “serious” health effects of e cig use or teen e cigarette usage, it’s about fires or even potential privacy issues. In short, you will be hard pressed to find a positive article about electronic cigarettes in the mass media.

The reasons behind that are many but that is not the point. While many pro-vapour enthusiasts claim it needs to stop, none of this seems to be affecting e cigarette UK sales (or global e cig sales for that matter). So, when we see a negative article, we here at E Cigarette Reviews UK generally do not instantly freak out. We try to suppress what would be the initial shock and awe factor, and instead come to our senses to evaluate what just happened.

Until now. Yesterday, The Mirror posted an e cigarette news article with the headline “E-cigarette health scare: nicotine vapour contains SAME cancer chemical as tobacco smoke.” Before reading the article in its entirety, what would you as a reader believe just by reading the headline? This is obvious – that e cigarettes have the same exact (and amount) of chemicals and cause cancer just like regular cigarettes. Well, the article itself focuses mainly on the fact that e cigarettes “increase the susceptibility to respiratory infections.” Furthermore, at the beginning of the article, only a few short lines were dedicated to saying that “free radical” chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes are also found in e cigarettes. Why? This was the headline of the article.

Well guess what? At the end of the article, there is one more line that says there was a bit of good news for e cig users – that e cigs “produced just 1% of the amount of free radicals in tobacco smoke.” Wow. Seriously? We are not trying to completely brush these finding off. This is science after all; you can’t argue with that. However, the tone of the article and the capitalising of the word “same” in the headline when e cigs produce just 1% of the free radical chemicals as regular cigarettes is a bit of an exaggeration. Further, maybe it’s just the stupidity of people who do not truly understand nicotine and regular cigarettes. People who smoke tobacco cigarettes are literally inhaling death, primarily due to these chemicals. Should they want to stop, it is very difficult as nicotine is an addictive drug. It is difficult to stop cold turkey, so many people switch to e cigarettes. Yes – it may not be the “ideal” situation but it is one that is a fact of life AND one that significantly reduces cancer rates (based on the “1% of” data presented in The Mirror article).

People will always smoke. Many people will always try to quit. Most won’t be able to go cold turkey. Switching to e cigarettes, even with a tiny bit of chemicals, is not the biggest deal. The amount of chemicals consumed by the average person over the course of the day just by walking is likely much more than e cigarette users consuming these chemicals on a daily basis. The end game for many of these smokers is likely to kick the habit completely. If that means using e cigs for 3, 4, 5 years then so be it.

Talk about hysteria…

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