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Reinforced Report: E-Cigarettes are a Computer Security Risk

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Whenever reports come out regarding e-cigarettes nowadays, people no longer tend to exaggerate. That’s because a lot of hyperbole and sensational headlines were used over the last decade. “The Shocking Truth About E-Cigarettes” or “You Won’t Believe What This Report Said About E-Cigs.” We were accustomed to these headlines. And, the text of the article didn’t live up to expectations either (that’s an understatement). Oftentimes the content was extremely irrelevant to the title. By now, people have gotten smarter.

That’s why when a new report came about recently about how e-cigarettes can be used to hack computers, no one made such a big deal about it. But, the truth is that people should be speaking out about this as much as possible. And, this isn’t the first time we have heard about this potential risk.

Anyone who follows E Cigarette Reviews UK knows that we are not about hyperbole. However, to be fair regarding this particular topic, digital security is nothing to laugh about. In an age where every piece of data is stored on computers, this is actually quite shocking and terrifying. And, it gets even worse. Hacker’s don’t need to make major modifications to the e-cigarette, vape pen or box mod. With only a few minor tweaks, hackers can easily scam their way into a computer’s system.

Generally speaking, hackers tend to neglect areas that don’t have much exposure or demand from the market. It’s simply not worth their time and effort. However, with e-cigs, here is a device that can be easily manipulated. It’s also a market with well over 20 million users worldwide, a good portion of whom are not exactly tech-savvy.

How Can This Being Carried Out?

One word: China. More than 90% of electronic cigarettes are manufactured in China. If you a purchasing from a no-name brand, there is a decent chance that your device can be dangerous. So if you’re thinking about entering the world of e-cigs or already purchase from an untrustworthy place, think again. We recommend you purchase from a top of the line company – one with a big brand presence and thousands of customer reviews.

Case Studies

The report showed several examples of how hackers were able to gain access to their own personal computers during testing. One hacker published a video showing how he was able to have random commands entered into his computer after he plugged in his vape pen to charge. How did he do this? By simply adding a hardware chip to the e-cig, which allowed it to communicate with the computer (the computer treated the USB as a keyboard or mouse).

The good news is that e-cigarettes hold a very small amount of data space on them, while code that hackers need to write for the malicious malware are generally much larger in size. So, a large attack is virtually impossible. However, a good amount of damage can in fact be done.

Your best bet is to invest in quality computer monitoring software. Something like this should do the trick and prevent these attacks from occurring.

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