The Stoptober Campaign’s Effect on Vaping Are In

It’s no secret that smoking rates have been on the decline, specifically over the past decade and change. In fact, quitting rates are at their highest in 10 years. While e-cig critics are silent in pointing out vaping’s role in this success, the data is in fact there. More than 50% of e-cig users in the UK have successfully quit smoking tobacco as a result of their e-cigarette use.

Fortunately for us, it seems we have many people in government who understand the power and benefits of electronic cigarettes. That led to a full on independent research push over the past few years by Public Health England, the Royal College of Physicians, ASH and Cancer Research UK – all of whom now fully support switching to e-cigs for tobacco smokers looking to finally quit. Not only do these organisations support vaping but they advocate for them as well. This was seen just last month, when the UK government essentially told smokers to switch to e-cigs during their ‘Stoptober’ campaign.

Every October, the government has made a push for smokers to quit tobacco. Naturally, it was never an easy feat considering the combined power of tobacco and nicotine. That is until e-cigs hit the scene. So this past October, the NHS made e-cigs “priority #1” especially because tobacco smoking is known to cost the NHS over £2 billion annually. So, what did this do for the e-cig market last month? Oh, vape kit sales were “only” up by roughly 30% over last year! Keep in mind that this is what the largest online retailer in the UK saw in terms of growth. It’s highly likely every vape business saw a massive increase in sales as well.

Should the NHS continue to support vaping as the number one option to help smokers quit tobacco, it’s also very likely that next October will see even better results.

This couldn’t be better for public health overall. In the mid-1970s, the smoking rate in the UK was around 45%. As of 2015, it was 17%. We’re excited to see the data for 2016-2017, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see that number drop by 2-3 percentage points.

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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