Study Suggests Vaping Can Save 6.6 Million Lives

In a not-so-shocking-anymore report on e-cigarettes and vaping, more than 6.6 million Americans could extend their lifespan. This would essentially add more than 86 million cumulative years to people’s lives in total.

The report specifically focused on 95% of current tobacco cigarette smokers. If these smokers were to switch to vaping, they would realise a noticeable increase in their lifespan. Additionally, the report took a more “pessimistic” (realistic) approach and showed the benefits vaping could have on the smoking population in the United States. Since vaping has become extremely popular, it’s not a dream to believe that 90% of current tobacco smokers could eventually switch to vaping. As such, the researchers pointed out that if and when that happens, 1.6 million people would increase their lifespan, with close to 21 million cumulative years being added to these people’s lives.

Again, what the researchers pointed out in this study is exactly what e-cigarette proponents have been saying all along: it’s about harm reduction. The researchers noted that even in the “worst case scenario”, switching to vaping would help save many lives. They even doubled down on what’s going to be regarding electronic cigarette regulations. Like tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarette use/sales highly depend on government regulations and laws pertaining to advertising. The researchers made a point to highlight the importance of objectivity when it comes to politicians creating legislation about e-cigs (however unlikely that is).

While the above goes to show yet another piece of evidence that vaping is not only the future but the way of life people should choose, what the research did not point out was the economic benefit to everyone involved. Not only can vaping save 6.6 million lives, but it will save the smokers in their monthly budgeting and the NHS billions in health care costs.

We understand, however sleazy, why governments across the world seemingly continue to protect tobacco. It’s a massive source of tax revenue. But, the tides are shifting. Vaping is huge while tobacco use continues to drop substantially each year. Once vaping becomes big enough and tax revenue from tobacco is no longer relevant, we’re confident rules will change. So hang tight vapers – it’s only a matter of years until we finally win for good.

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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