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Long time readers of E Cigarette Reviews UK know that we criticise all of the anti-vaping media hyperbole about e-cigarettes. We have good reason to do so when it seems like every week a malicious and / or dramatic report is put out about vaping, with no hard-conclusive answers to boot. Some may say that we harp on it too much. Why spend so much time on something that you can’t fix? We’re just a blog going up against a well-oiled machine. Why waste our time and what’s the point?

For starters, they all said SFATA would fail against the media / Big Tobacco. They didn’t. However, most people in the pro-vaping community would agree that SFATA’s win was a fluke. A miracle of epic proportions. That brings us back to the question of: why waste our time pointing out every piece of inconclusive research put out by vaping opponents? The answer? Because it’s clearly doing something.

Most electronic cigarette blogs like ours put a major emphasis on these reports. Everything else related to e-cigs comes second. While this is a good thing, let’s face it – we’re not going to score a major victory as SFATA did. After all, that was, for all intents and purposes, a miracle, as stated above. But, as we mentioned, it’s clearly doing something. So, we were wondering: how is this happening? Could it be that all of our collected efforts by pointing out all of the falsehoods in these reports are paying off?

For the most part, the answer is no. However, we realise that our efforts aren’t all for naught. Our responses may not do much in regard to directly driving government policy on e-cigarettes, but they are certainly helping in an indirect way.

Most of us are familiar with the terms “grassroots lobbying” and “guerrilla marketing.” It turns out this is what has had the most impact on shaping the vaping industry today. While this has worked well time and again, unfortunately, most in the pro-vaping community have been slow to pick up on this. When ridiculous research is put out, we all are quick to respond to it. Though we believe these responses are necessary, they aren’t a driving force behind the battle for e-cigarettes. Fortunately, two groups noticed this and decided to act in a way that will help the vaping industry for years to come.

The Partnership

The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) along with the NCSCT decided to team up and create a guerrilla marketing campaign / series of sorts called The Switch. The Switch is comprised of several short videos of different vapers discussing their experiences with transitioning from tobacco smoking to vaping. Below is one of several of the examples:

As of now, the videos already have tens of thousands of combined views, and this is sure to expand over the coming months. These vapers not only discuss the transition process they went through but also their state of health after switching to e-cigs. We encourage our readers to watch and share these videos, which can be found on the NCSCT YouTube channel.

Pro-Vapers: Take Note

Let it be known that we don’t intend to take away from the need to respond to (oftentimes) wild accusations. There is always a need to do so. However, if we’re honest, we’re not going to score a big win by simply pointing out falsehoods. The media and Big Tobacco are far too powerful for us. But, we can enact change with a combination of a grassroots campaign and guerrilla marketing. Vapers should contact their local government officials about the benefits of vaping, while also continuing to share these NCSCT/NNA videos as much as possible. In these videos, many of these vapers cite their improved health, which is backed up by their own physicians. This is something governments around the world won’t be able to ignore.

If we truly want to win and care about vaping, this is the way to do so. Let’s go out with determination and share these videos with the masses who generally don’t understand what vaping is and how much it really helps.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Scott Lynch/CC BY 2.0