UK Government Paving The Way For E Cigarette Market

By now, you have probably heard about the recent e cigarette UK report from Public Health England, which made the claim that e cigarettes are 95% safer than normal cigarettes. In fact, they went one step further and said that e-cigs can help you quit tobacco cigarettes. In terms of social shares, this was likely the most distributed piece of news by vaper enthusiasts since e-cigs came to the market. But, there have been countless similar reports and research papers regarding e cigarettes, so why was everyone lit up (no pun intended) about this specific one?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Public Health England is an executive agency that is directly sponsored by the British Department of Health. In simple terms, it is essentially an arm of the government, rather than an independent research/science agency. Yes –after years of debate, a UK government body took a final stance on the health benefit of vaping.

Long Term Effects

This report should not be understated. Since a government body issued the report, this will have long term positive effects on the e cigarette UK industry. For example, many of you are already familiar with the difficulties e cigarette brands face when wanting to advertise their products. Due to inconsistent research results about e cigs and a silent government, strict rules were set in place until a government commission came out. Now that it has, it is likely that e cigarette brands will go wild with advertising – whether it be on TV, radio, the internet, or other channels…and this is a good thing. We knew all along. We don’t want to boast about it…okay, fine, we do! Take that, anti e-cig conspiracy theorists!

Though advertising is a very important factor for any business, there may be something even more significant for e cigarette companies. As it stands, many e cig brands were restricted by the FDA and the like from labeling their products as a “smoking cessation” device. Because of this, almost 45% of England’s population never realized that e cigs are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Perhaps now this ban on “smoking cessation” terminology will be lifted due to this report. If that happens, millions will become educated about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. There are currently over 2 million people who use e cigs. When people start becoming more informed, the trend for e cig use will likely explode (and it’s already high as it is).

Lastly, and definitely the most important long term effect? Tens of thousands of people per year will likely avoid death. It is estimated that 80,000 people in England die each year due to smoking. Talk about a serious long term (positive effect)!

We would love to see the US and EU follow in the UK’s footsteps, but we’ll take this massive win for now.

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