UK Vapers Should be Happy

If you’re part of the vaping community in any capacity, especially here in the UK, then you likely have at least some understanding of vaping laws throughout the world. You understand that here in the UK, our government has a very liberal view and policy on e-cigs. Unlike India, for example, which has recently banned e-cigs in 6 states.

A lot of our government’s policy making abilities has to do with capable people in power who are making wise decisions. One of the most important of these decisions is that they are listening to actual vaping experts about the health effects of e cigarettes. This is a complete difference in comparison to other countries, notably the United States, who very often listen to shoddy research reports conducted by large lobby groups (with an obvious interest in the bottom line results).

The House of Commons recently held an inquiry into the health effects of e-cigarettes, regulations and what financial implications surround the industry. In fact, it was the Commons Science and Technology Committee who met with several leading vaping experts. If you care to hear about it, you can do so in the video below.

What’s truly interesting about this meeting was that the Committee welcomed submissions from virtually anyone who wanted to provide input. As such, there were dozens of submissions from tobacco companies, vaping companies, and others. Even well-known individuals, such as Clive Bates, submitted his stance. And of course, Pfizer UK submitted their (ridiculous) opinions.

And that’s where things are looking great for the UK and vaping. In the US and elsewhere in the world, it seems like policy makers simply accept research that is put in front of them. The majority of this research is highly unprofessional, largely over-done and fact-twisting, specifically regarding the methodology of these research papers. Here in the UK, we had this inquiry. And when you put Clive Bates, Cancer Research UK and others who use pure facts and science, versus laughable research that doesn’t make sense (case in point here), the facts will always win out. The inquiry was overall very successful and heavily in favour of vaping.

It’s very much worth it to watch the video above to see just how much it seems vaping will be fully accepted in the future. The TPD regulations? This is obviously pure speculation but we’d wager that they will be completely overturned at some point.

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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