Using E Cigs? You Can Say Thanks to SFATA

Enjoying that sweet, sweet taste of your electronic cigarette, are you? Loving the tobacco, menthol or fruity flavours? Yes, we understand. We honestly don’t know what we would do without these devices! Nor do the 2 million plus people who use them either. On a serious note – can you imagine what the world would be like without e cigs? It’s a scary thought but one that could have been a reality if it wasn’t for a small but semi-powerful group of people: SFATA.

SFATA, which stands for Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association, is the primary group who supports all things electronic cigarettes. From sales to marketing, SFATA is strongly backs e-cigarettes. So why is SFATA so important to us common folk? Let’s take a look.

A Brief History

Before we get to SFATA’s significance, let’s breakdown who SFATA is. They are essentially a trade organization that was set up and operated by manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes. Some big name brands operate within SFATA, including V2 Cigs and even Green Smoke (until their acquisition by Altria).

Why The Need?

Two words: Big Tobacco. It is no secret that Big Tobacco runs the most powerful political lobby in the world. Throw a little money at various worldwide governments and they will generally get their way. We all know with complete certainty that tobacco cigarettes kill…by the millions. And yet, they are still selling on the open market. How? That’s the Big Tobacco lobby right there. When e cigarettes starting taking off, Big Tobacco came to governments and starting pounding on their chests, beating their war drums. In 2009-2010, there was a period where it looked like e cigarettes were done – to be completely banned by Big Government. This is when SFATA was formed – to combat Big Tobacco. At the time, even hardcore pro e-cig users were skeptical. How can SFATA take on a multi trillion dollar conglomerate like Big Tobacco? It was considered by many to be too optimistic.

Nothing Short of a Miracle

People couldn’t believe their eyes as verdicts started coming out from governments regarding e cigs. Most governments certainly were not in favour just yet about e-cigarettes, but they also were not banned (as Big Tobacco was trying to push for a total ban). To this day. We don’t really know how it was pulled off, but we do know that SFATA was heavily involved in this worldwide decision on e cigs. So, if you are puffing on your vapour cigarette right now, you can stop for a moment and say thanks to SFATA!

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