Aspire K2 Starter Review

Aspire has been churning out some great products as of late, but here we’re going to take a look at one that has actually been on the market for quite a while. The Aspire K2 Starter Kit has had a long run, and a popular one at that. While it is more of an electronic cigarette, or perhaps a vape mod or vape pen but certainly not a box mod, we had heard some really great things about it. In fact, e-cigs and vape pens have seemingly been mounting a big comeback, showing that this niche isn’t going away anytime soon. Is the K2 the new e-cig of choice and will it work for you? Keep on reading and you’ll find out.

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When it comes to design, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with an e-cigarette as it’s going to try to look more or less like a regular fag. That doesn’t mean you can’t have style, and certainly that appears to be what Aspire was going for with the K2. It really is a looker, with an elegant design that is both classy and inviting. This e-cig seems to beckon for you to pick it up and have a vape, and that’s exactly what good design should do. Really, it is rather simple since there is just the battery and a fire button, with the tank atop it all.

The tank, by the way, is also cool looking. It is clear, so you can see the inner workings of the atomizer and such. Aspire must have taken this into account when designing the tank, because it looks better than most others do. The chimney in the middle seems to be of an industrial design and well, if you like design you won’t have any problem focusing your attention on the K2 for quite a while.

Besides looking sleek, this is a vape pen that feels just as good as it looks. There’s something about that high quality carbon fibre finish that really takes things to another level for us. It is rather lightweight and thus quite portable, but it doesn’t feel too light as to be cheaply made. Clearly top notch materials and processing were used to create the Aspire K2, yet another reason why it has remained a popular option for this long. Despite being so smooth, you actually get a nice grip on it. That’s important because, even though it isn’t flimsy, you shouldn’t really drop it. It hasn’t happened to us but we’ve heard of cases where it happens and the results are hit and miss. Still, overall the build is very good and in keeping with the Aspire brand name.


This is an e-cig so we always temper our expectations, especially for those who are veteran vapers. It’s made to mimic a cigarette in many ways, and in that sense it’s absolutely on the mark. It feels a lot like one, and it vapes like it too. There is an easy draw that is still nice and tight, giving you that familiar feeling. While there is no airflow control, you can still make your draw a little tighter by covering up the vent holes with your finger. It’s a nice little hack that worked well for us.

In terms of vapour production, we scored it quite high. Certainly for an e-cig, but even for a vape mod it holds its own. There were some nice clouds and it didn’t leave us wanting for more. The flavour was also really good, and though they didn’t pop like they can on some of the newer coils, it was still very tasty and probably one of the best we’ve had for a device like this. All in all, it passes with flying colours for performance.


This is an e-cig essentially, so there aren’t many stand out features. There is just one mode and that’s the old fashioned easy vape and go type. You press the singular button on the battery and vape away. It does come with standard 510 threading so in theory you can change the tank, which isn’t always the case with e-cigs.

That’s why this vape pen is more of a vape mod really. There is a tank and you can change your atomizer at will, among other things. It’s super portable and fits in your pocket fairly easily although it is a bit tall so beware of small purses and such. The rechargeable battery is a good one, which should keep you going for a full day, sometimes longer depending on your vaping frequency.

  •     Easy Vape and Go Style
  •     Rechargeable 800mAh Battery
  •     Bottom Fill Tank Design
  •     Standard 510 Threading
  •     Size Specs: Width 15mm/ Height 143mm (with tank)

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Aspire K2 800mAh Battery
  • 1 Aspire K2 Tank
  • 2 Aspire Kanthal 1.60 ohm Atomizers (one is pre-installed)
  • 1 Micro-USB Charging Cable

Ease of Use:

For a vape pen, you are really aiming at ease of use for most of your audience. For the beginners market, you want it to be super simple for them to start with. Obviously a pod or cartridge system is the absolute easiest, but this would be next in line as it doesn’t have any mode choices or other such details. You pick it up, fill up the tank with e-juice, and vape away.

Yet, that is where the problem is for the K2. The biggest drawback we found is the method in which you do refill your e-liquid. The tank is a bottom fill design, meaning you have to take it off the battery, flip it upside down, and drip in your e-liquid. That might be okay if they didn’t stick a comparably giant chimney right there in the middle. You don’t want to get e-liquid into that chimney or on it really, so you’re left inserting your e-liquid bottle through a very small space and pushing it up alongside the tank wall so as to avoid the chimney. The entire ordeal leaves a lot to be desired, especially for a newbie.

For someone used to re-filling tanks, it isn’t a big deal. For newer vapers, they’ll catch on quickly too. Still, we’re left to wonder why Aspire didn’t go with a top fill design that is pretty much the standard for both vape pens and box mods now. Ease of use takes a big hit there, in a device that is otherwise the epitome of easy to use. After the learning curve it’s really not a huge concern, but it is something we must point out as an initial obstacle for some users


The best price among our favourite vendors was £28.99, which is certainly a reasonable price for a vape pen like this. It’s more than some pod style options, but considering you get a tank with an extra atomizer this is actually a really good deal.

The Verdict:

Well, maybe e-cigs aren’t quite dead after all! The Aspire K2 Starter Kit provides an excellent option for newer vapers. If you’re making the switch to vapour, this has to be near the top of your list of vape options. It’s a very attractive product that also feels wonderful to feel and hold. It’s very portable, with great battery life, and good vapour and flavour production.

Our biggest gripe is the design of the tank. Namely, it could use a redesign to be a top fill type and make life easier on those new vapers. It isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but it’s certainly something to make note of. For more veteran vapers they won’t think much of of it, and even for new vapers it shouldn’t scare you off. The combination of looks, performance, and price makes this e-cigarette offering from Aspire an attractive one. If you’re new to vaping this is a great place to start, and if you’ll looking for a vape pen to add to your collection this should be on your radar too. All in all, we tip our hats to Aspire for making the K2 a product option that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

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