Augvape Druga Foxy 150W Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Augvape Druga Foxy 150W box mod. We’ve never reviewed an Augvape, but the foxy name piqued our interest and the quick release feature piqued it even more. Let’s see if this 150 watt vape mod makes an impact beyond the name.

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First off, the Augvape Druga Foxy is beautifully packaged. The box it comes in feels high brow, but not in a bad way. The box is actually bigger than expected, because when got it open the contents were so sparse and much smaller than the box itself. Taking this box mod out, we immediately felt like Augvape was taking a different approach to their design.

Everything about the Druga Foxy felt thought out. It starts with the clean cut lines that look sharp, but upon further inspection are actually rounded and smooth. The entire device is smooth and cool to the touch. The logo and 3-D box design on the front and back are classy, and they are actually magnetic panels that come off. In the middle of which is a small screen.ed Behind the front panel the +/- buttons are revealed, and this is the first time we actuallys saw this buttons hidden away. Interesting functional design choice by Augvape. Below those buttons is a design on the chrome which are formulas that help you with Ohm’s law and such.

The back panel covers the battery area, and inserting them felt a little more than snug. We suppose there are at least no worries of them dislodging unexpectedly. This is a solid build if we ever saw one. It’s actually on the heavy side of things, but that seems like a result of quality rather than it just being heavy for no reason. Along the top of one side was the single button that protruded and this fire button felt wonderful and was perfectly clicky.


The Augvape Druga Foxy is a rather streamlined and simple box mod, so we would hope that what it does do, it does well. We quickly found out that indeed was the case. This vape mod is rated at 150 watts and typically companies overstate the top end wattage in realistic terms. Not Augvape, and not with the Druga Foxy. It got right up there to 150 watts and did so seemingly effortlessly. The ramp up was very quick and the wattage was accurate and immensely powerful for a vape mod in this power range. Thoroughly impressive.

It was equally impressive on the voltage side. It rates at up to 6.5V and, once again, it got there with no problem. While most vapers won’t need or want to get up to 6.5 volts or 150 watts, it’s great that the option is legitimately there. It also goes to the integrity of Augvape that this vape mod can reach the levels it purports to reach. Using a variety of tanks, it was able to deftly handle each one and churn out truly great performance. Flavour and vapour clouds were top notch.

We also were able to get some rather impressive battery performance out of this thing. Perhaps due to a minimalist feature set and slimmed down chipset, the Druga Foxy easily got us a full day of vaping on dual 18650 batteries. Even at high wattage. This was impressive and added to the growing respect we had for this product.


Here’s where you may feel the pinch a little. If you’re a fan of Temperature Control, move right along. Same goes if you like power curves or little sub-settings that let you preheat your coil quickly or normally or only when it rains. None of these features are here. This is your meat and potatoes box mod. It does variable wattage. It does variable voltage.  That’s it. Thankfully, it does both well and accurately.

Yet the feature that brought us in the door is actually the quick release mechanism. While this box mode uses 510 threading, it is no normal 510 thread. To attach a tank, you don’t have to turn, turn, and turn. Simple hold down the quick release button, insert the tank, release the button, and give it a half turn. That’s it! You do the same to detach the tank. Hold the button down, give it a half turn, and it comes right out. Nifty little feature if we ever saw one, and the tank always felt safe and secure.

Here’s a list of the important features:

  • 5 to 150W Power Output
  • VW/VV Output Modes
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  • Uses Two 18650 Batteries
  • Quick Release System 510 Threading

Kit Layout:

Augvape Druga Foxy 150W

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Augvape Druga Foxy 150W Box Mod

  • 1 Manual

Ease of Use:

Can’t really get much easier than two modes. But it isn’t all smooth. That tiny screen did have us squinting at times to see what was going on. Plus, needing to remove the cover just to get to the +/- buttons to change mode and settings is a bit annoying. It’s not hard, but we’re certainly used to accessing these buttons a lot quicker and easier. There also is no USB port which technically makes it harder to use because it forces you to charge your batteries externally. The thing is, that is actually the better way to do it anyway so it didn’t bother us. Overall it gets a passing score for ease of use, but it certainly isn’t a selling point.


The lowest price from our relied upon vendors is £49.99 for this box mod. This is about average for a vape of this power level. For the type of product you get, it’s well worth it even if you won’t be writing home about the price.

The Verdict:

We have to say, as our first review of an Augvape, we came away thoroughly impressed. This is an incredibly solid box mod that really performed as expected. The minimalist design was cool and different, especially with the +/- buttons hidden. On the flip side, that part was a little annoying. The quick release is a nifty feature that we liked a lot, although it isn’t a game changer.

What it comes down to is a vape mod that is simplistic in what it can do, but does those things very very well. The Augvape Druga Foxy 150W will provide you enough power to get everything you want out of your tank. It’s built very well, if slightly heavy, and feels great to carry in your hand. If you don’t need extra features such as Temperature Control and want a powerful box mod that will last you a while, you’ll have to seriously consider picking this one up. We did, and we couldn’t be happier.

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