iJoy Avenger 270 Review

Everything seems to be voice activated these days, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that iJoy gets in on the action. This is the second voice activated box mod we’ve reviewed, and we are starting to think it’s a trend. Of course what we really want to know is if the iJoy Avenger 270 is more than just a hunk of plastic we can talk to. Does it perform like a top vape mod? Get ready, because we’re about to find out together.

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There must be some type of attraction for creating voice activated box mods that also, in a way, resemble superheroes. Just like when we reviewed the Smok I-Priv 230W, we get the distinct impression that it was modeled after an Avengers character. It’s certainly a cool look, with the lines crisscrossing different panels in a sleek high tech manner. One piece of paneling is actually the fire button, which is a bit confusing because the other side looks exactly the same but doesn’t fire! On the front you’ll find the screen and to each side are two white silicon buttons that light up – those are your +/- buttons.

While it looks rather high tech, the feel of the build is more plasticky than we expected. Not necessarily a cheap type of plastic, but just less solid than we imagined it would be. Nonetheless, it still feels good in your hands and nothing seems to rattle. The Avenger (we do love saying that, it sounds like a secret weapon we have!) is definitely on the large side of things as box mods go. Thankfully, it isn’t too heavy.

The included Avenger tank (still love that name!) comes in a matching colour and it has a build that is very solid. In fact, we were a little surprised at the difference between the two avengers in the box. Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and as you’ll see, we quickly became big fans of the Avenger tank.


Now we get to the heart of the matter, as we took the iJoy Avenger 270 out for a vaping adventure. This vape mod boasts 234 watts and, although we didn’t take it quite that high, it delivered rather good power. On the lower end of the spectrum it performed fantastically, but toward the top end we noticed a drop off. I will say that the ramp up time was short and the available power meant no delay in firing.

What was less than stellar was iJoy’s temperature control mode, which had us scratching our heads sometimes with what it was doing. Hopefully they can work out the kinks on the next firmware upgrade. In wattage mode, we are happy to report that the Avengers (box mod and tank) simply rocked it. We saw great flavour and very respectable clouds. The tank itself was so impressive that we swapped onto some other vape mods and it was equally great. This little Avenger tank comes with wonderful mesh coils and iJoy has to be proud of its output. We certainly were thrilled!


We’ll start with the voice activation because we really haven’t covered that yet. It seems to be the leading feature that voice activated box mods like to present, which always seemed odd to us. The vapour performance is always the most important thing. That part should be considered good news for iJoy, because their voice activation was rather spotty. When it worked, it was really a fun little feature! Often times it didn’t work exactly as expected, and sometimes not at all. As with temperature control, we’re hoping for a firmware upgrade.

In addition to the temperature control mode for Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel, the iJOy Avenger 270 features a variable wattage mode. Within this mode, you can also choose from Normal, Hard, Soft, or User. The latter is basically a power curve mode, and as you might expect all of these sub-modes control how fast and where the power is distributed. This vape mod also comes with a TCR mode for more advanced users, as well as a puff counter, which is always a great thing to have.

Here’s a list of the important features:

  • 234W Power Output
  • VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/TCR Output Modes
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  • Suitable for 20700 and 18650 batteries
  • Voice Activated Commands
  • 510 Threading
  • Size Specs: Depth 25mm/ Width 50mm/ Height 89mm/ Weight 230g

Kit Layout:

iJoy Avenger 270

Kit Contents:

  • iJoy Avenger 270 Vape Mod
  • iJoy Captain Sub Ohm Tank
  • X3-Mesh 0.35 Ohm Coil (pre-installed)
  • X3-C1S 0.15 Ohm Coil
  • 18650 Battery Adaptor
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Ease of Use:

Aside from the voice activation giving us issues, this was a really simple vape mod to use. The nice sized colour screen and intuitive menu made it easy to flip through and change the different options available. We also liked how it was able to take both dual 20700 batteries as well as dual 18650s (with the included adapter). That type of flexibility isn’t a given, and is always appreciated.

What’s even easier is the Avenger tank, which was just a pleasure to play with. It’s easy to refill by unscrewing the top and dripping e-liquid into the side slots, while being careful to avoid the centre chimney. Changing coil heads was also a breeze, although we really liked the X3-Mesh 0.35ohm that came pre-installed. If you are attaching your own tank, you’ll be happy to know that the 510 threading can swallow up atomizers up to 30mm without any overhang. That’s the advantage that a larger box mod provides.


The iJoy Avenger 270 Kit comes in at £69.99. That was the best price we could find from our list of vetted vendors, and it does seem a little high. This is a kit, so you get that awesome Avenger tank and some coils that soften the blow. It’s not an outrageous price and it fits in with the range of what voice activated box mods sell for. If you’re after one with that feature, the price won’t hold you back.

The Verdict:

We really liked the iJoy Avenger 270 Kit on a whole. The included tank is a superb performer and in wattage mode we were able to have some really amazing vapes. If you’re a fan of temperature control, you’ll have to weigh the fact that it can be little loopy so it may not be the best for you. It’s also definitely one of the bigger vape mods we have reviewed, so if portability is what you are after then this may not be it.

All that being said, this is still a very solid box mod. You get top of line performance in a really well designed exterior. If you’re a fan of Marvel superheroes, you’ll find yourself admiring it as it sits on your desk. Those two attributes alone make it a solid pick and one we can soundly recommend.

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