iJoy Shogun UNIV 180W Box Mod Review

Once again iJoy brings another box mod to the market, which must mean they have a few thousand now. Kidding aside, they are one of the biggest vape brands out there and do bring consumers a lot of options. That’s a good thing, as the more competition the better for us. With the iJoy Shogun UNIV 180W box mod, they seem to be aiming for a wide niche of vapers. On the face of things, this seems like just another vape mod. Let’s go beyond skin deep and see what the mod itself tells us.

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What stands out when you first look at the Shogun is the artistic resin design on the front and back. Voopoo makes a model that takes a similar approach, and it is one that we like. You can choose from six different colour patterns, and all look really cool and funky. It also feels a bit aged in that sense, and the same goes for the overall look as it is rather boxy. It makes up for that with lots of curved edges, but still you can’t help but wonder if this is a box mod stuck between the old style vapes and the new style ones. We did get used to it, and we appreciated the little things. Such as the curves between the bends, and how the device was surprisingly ergonomic in our hands.

It’s also light. Yet strong. We can thank the marvel that is zinc alloy for that, but we have to thank iJoy for making another great build decision. Box mods that hold two 18650 batteries can become quite weighty, and here the Shogun was incredibly light, but without losing the trademark high quality feel. While it may look a bit old school on the outside, it feels very much made of advanced materials and manufacturing standards. Kudos for that, and the design too, if it’s your thing you’ll love it. If it’s not, it isn’t so out there as to deter you completely.


It may look a bit dated to some, but it certainly doesn’t perform that way. The Shogun box mod is powered by the UNIV chip, which is why it’s in the full device name, and boy is it a nice one. For starters, this is a brilliantly fast device. The ramp time is almost nonexistent, and we caught ourselves unprepared for the massive amount of vapour when first trying it. Which gets us to our next point, the vapour. It was simply outstanding, with the power of the mod really pumping out generous amounts of vapour without making you feel like you’re chasing clouds. It’s a fine line to walk, but iJoy does it well with this model.

Almost equally as good was the flavours. We say almost, because the vapour production really surprised us, while we expected flavours to be great with an iJoy. We weren’t disappointed, as the different e-liquids we used all came through with good tones and left us wanting more. Behind it all appears to be a workhorse mentality from the Shogun, which insists that no matter looks or feel – it will get the job done in very good if not great fashion. No special bells or whistles, just pure performance that real vapers who surely appreciate.


The Shogun UNIV 180W vape mod has a number of features, including temperature control. That’s not a huge deal, as many don’t even use the feature, but it does seem to have become rather standard. Anyway, you’ll mostly be in variable wattage mode so you can take that power up to where you want it to be. You do have some additional modes such as PMode and Pod Mod, which don’t really do what you think they do. They mostly are there for you to set pre-heat levels, which is helpful to be sure.

Another key feature of this box mod is the battery life. Whether we have to thank the UNIV chip for that or not, iJoy comes away with a really impressive performance here. Even at higher wattage levels, we were able to take this box mod late into the day without having any issues. Recharging it was also rather quick, so all in all it points back to this being a workhorse of a machine, and we sure do like that!

  •        1 to 180W Power Output
  •        VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/PMode/Pod Output Modes
  •        Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm (TC) 0.05-3.5 ohm (VW)
  •        Temperature Range: 149-315C/300-600F
  •        Uses Two 18650 Batteries
  •        0.96” OLED Screen
  •        6 Different Colour Options
  •        Size Specs: Depth 55mm/ Width 28mm/ Height 88mm

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 iJoy Shogun UNIV 180W Box Mod
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

As with most iJoy vape mods, this is a rather simple device to use. The menu system is intuitive and lends itself to learning quickly, and the button clicks are solid to get you through it. The OLED screen isn’t colourful or anything special really, but it is very crisp and bright. That in itself really helps ease of use, something often overlooked when vape brands are trying to get too clever.

The 510 threading is really smooth and centered, meaning we were able to use any of the tanks we had set aside for it. They all fit perfectly with no overhang, and that made is smile widely. There’s nothing like a tank that looks made for a box mod even if it isn’t!


The best price we found from our reliable vendors is £44.99, which is about a mid-range price for a box mod of this wattage level. It’s a solid value, from a well respected brand.

The Verdict:

The iJoy Shogun UNIV 180W box mod is actually rather simple in a lot of ways. While the trend is to throw in something new, exciting, and different, iJoy goes a different route here. They simply made a very solid box mod that performs very well, while being lightweight and easy to use. These are some of the most important aspects of a good box mod so we can’t really fault them for prioritizing it in that way.

If we had to knock it, it would be because of its smaller feature set that more advanced vapers may take issue with. It’s also a bit old fashioned as we have mentioned a few times, but that’s really a personal taste thing. If you’re looking for a vape mod that will do its job and last, without anything extra to distract you, this is the perfect product for you. It’s good for semi-beginners and regular vapers, if not for really advanced ones. Overall, it’s an underrated addition to the iJoy family and is yet another hit for the massive company.

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