Innokin EZ.Watt 35W Review

A popular brand that we don’t review enough of is Innokin, so we’re happy to be able to take a look at their new kit. We’ve seen both lower wattage box mods as well as high wattage types from this brand, and both have been done well. Primarily, we think of them as a company for MTL vaping, and certainly the Innokin EZ Watt Starter Kit fits in line with that. Let’s find out what makes this vape mod appealing, and if it will end up with our recommendation.

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At a first glance, the Innokin EZ Watt looks very much like many of the portable box mods we’ve come across. It has a uniform colour and style between the vape mod itself and the tank, and appears to apply basic ergonomic structure to how it is laid out. However, taking a closer look shows us just how this was designed for those new to box mods. We’re specifically talking about the lack of buttons and a screen here, so there is not a lot to overwhelm or confuse users. You have a power button, and a fire button, and that’s it.

The reason for this approach is the target audience, which is quite clearly those who may be vaping with e-cigs or thinking about it, and want better performance. But they don’t want to jump into the deep end with settings and voltage and ohms and all of these scary topics. This is supposed to be easy, hence EZ Watt. Get it? The design fits these parameters to a T. There’s even a listing of the three different wattage settings printed at the bottom of the unit, how’s that for convenient?

In terms of build, Innokin has managed to create a vape mod that is both feather light and feels constructed to a high quality. The low weight is a huge advantage when it comes to converting users new to vaping, or coming from the e-cigarette world. It’s very small too, and can fit in any hand, making it ultra portable. Yet all of the buttons are solid, and the rubbery exterior both feels great and helps keep you from dropping something so small. Both design and build a hit in our book, especially considering the target audience.


Where you might expect a hit is the performance department. It’s what usually suffers when brands try to cater to this type of vaping crowd. Ideally, you want to taper down the options and places where they can trip up, but still provide a great vaping experience that is above what you might expect from a 35 watt box mod. We think Innokin has done a great job balancing these two needs with this device, and the performance showed off that planning.

Although that wasn’t the conclusion we came to initially. We started out trying the lowest setting, which is 13-14 watts, and were thoroughly disappointed. Little vapour and not much flavour either. Thankfully, we kept going. There was a huge improvement when we got to the mid level of 16-18 watts, where both vapour and flavour were boosted more than we imagined by this slight uptick in power. It got even better when we jumped up to the 30-35 watt setting, where the clouds and flavour were truly impressive.

For such a small and light box mod, this thing could really pump out those vapes! It helps that it comes with the really nice Prism T20S tank, which clearly was able to leverage whatever power the EZ Watt to put out great results. We really enjoyed having a vape mod that gave us this type of output, without us having to put any thought or trial and error testing into it. Performance gets high marks here, especially for the newer vaper who will be blown away.


There’s not a lot to cover in the features section today, owing to the fact that this is more of an entry level product, in the world of box mods at least. You won’t find multiple modes or temperature control, because that would defeat the purpose of having something really simple. The primary feature, if you will, is just how narrowly defined the settings are. You get three mods: low, mid, and high. They are set by buttons, not by a screen with numbers. That’s basically it.

While Innokin does say this box mod can be used for Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping, the included coil is not a sub-ohm type. Thus, DTL won’t work straight out of the box. That’s okay, because those who are making the switch away from vaping, as well as e-cig users, will prefer the Mouth to Lung (MTL) style anyway. The option is still there for DTL vaping, you just have to purchase the right coils for it.

Here’s a list of the important features:

  • 13 to 35W Power Output
  • Low/Mid/High Output Modes
  • Resistance Range: 0.2-5 ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  • 1500 mAh Internal Battery
  • Spring Loaded 510 Threading

Kit Layout:

Innokin EZ Watt 35W

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Innokin EZ Watt 35W Box Mod
  • 1 Innokin Prism T20S Tank
  • 1 Prism S 1.5 ohm Coil
  • 1 Extra Drip Tip
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

Without a doubt, this is where Innokin wants the EZ Watt box mod to shine, and it does. You aren’t going to find many vape mods easier than this one. You turn it on, and you pick one of three modes. To change between low, mid, and high, all you have to do is hold down the power and fire buttons together until the three mode buttons start flashing. Use the power button to cycle through modes, and the fire button to select it.

Filling the Prism T20S tank is also a snap. This is a more basic type of tank in terms of filling, but it isn’t hard by any means. Simply unscrew the drip tip and fill your e-liquid. Try to squirt along the walls of the tank and keep it away from the chimney in the middle. Allow for 10 minutes for the coil to soak up your juice, and you’ll be off and ready to go.

You’ll go for a while, too. Even though it has a relatively low-powered internal battery, the lower wattage means you’ll be able to vape for days. Or a day, at the least, but sometimes even 1.5 days depending your settings and usage. It’s really great for the new vaper to be able to charge this vape mod once with the included USB cable, and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day.


At a low £34.99 price level, this is a product that should have wide appeal. For that figure, you get both the box mod and a tank. If you want sub-ohm vaping, you’ll have to buy different coils, but most vapers will find great value in what comes in the box already.

The Verdict:

With the Innokin EZ Watt 35W Kit, you’ll be off and running in no time. That’s the point with this vape mod, and it hits those marks perfectly. It’s the ideal way to make the jump from e-cigarettes to something with more performance, yet without needing to dabble in settings and manual adjustments. Yet, it doesn’t give up an inch in the performance department either.

There are some downsides that we have to mention, and the first is that it doesn’t come with any DTL coils. Even one sub-ohm coil would allow even new users a feel of what this type of vaping is, and so it’s a shame that it isn’t included. On the flip side, the box mod itself has the flexibility for both MTL and DTL style vaping. This opens up a new world for the target market for this truly “EZ” kit, and makes for an overall great value. The other thing we didn’t like was that there wasn’t an airflow adjustment, but that probably isn’t something a user of this vape mod would need or even want.

All that being said, we loved what the EZ Watt can do and how it does it, and think it is the perfect box mod for those making the dive into this world. It offers great performance, ease of use, and at a fairly low cost. You can’t go wrong here as Innokin has made the ideal transition product for you!

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