Jacvapour Series S-17 TF Review

The most updated version of the S-17 is the TF, and that would stand for top fill. The Jacvapour Series S-17 TF is a somewhere between a box mod and an e-cigarette, having some key elements of each. It’s touted as great for beginners, but with an upward mobility built in by simply swapping out to a sub-ohm coil. This could be a crowd pleaser if done right, and we were determined to find out if Jacvapour struck gold again.

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In this area the S-17 lends itself to be more of an electronic cigarette. It is a short, thinner cylinder, as opposed to the boxy-ness of a box mod. The design is sleek though, and both stainless steel and black version looked stellar. The stainless steel variety was very smooth and the black had a rubberized sort of coating. There is just one button, and the tank matches the colour of the body. It’s definitely a looker, and is even more impressive in person compared to pictures.

The S-17 is also incredibly light, especially the black version. It is on the short side and clearly Jacvapour was interested in creating a very portable vape mod. Despite the low weight, it did feel like a very well made device. The connection between the body and the pen is strong, without any noticeable room between the two. The button feels great when clicked, and overall it held up well for all the time it was on the go.


This kit comes packed with one Jacvapour MTL coil, which is where most beginners go to initially. MTL stands for mouth-to-lung, and is meant to more closely duplicate the feeling of smoking. The S-17 was fantastic in that regard, as it really did create that sensation. You can open or close the airflow to create the type of draw that feels the best to you. The draw should be a little tighter, at least in the beginning. Jacvapour’s background in MTL vaping shows here, but that’s not all this vape mod can do.

All you need to do to turn this device into a DTL (direct to lung) machine is swap out the included 1.0ohm coil for a 0.5ohm DTL coil. You can get this initially, or buy it later when you’re ready. DTL vaping creates much more vapour, but also can increase taste. Using that 0.5ohm coil, we were able to get much more than we anticipated. The flavour was superb, and the vapour clouds were rather huge. Perhaps not high wattage box mod huge, but for our sake that was a lot of vapour! Creating an MTL-DTL combo like this vape pen is surely not easy, especially one with this type of performance on both ends.


Being that this somewhere between a vape pen and a box mod, there were a number of ways Jacvapour could have gone in terms of modes. Here they slanted toward more of vape pen usage, which isn’t a bad thing by any means! It does mean, however, that you’re basically restricted to voltage mode. For most, that’ll be enough, but if you’re used to vaping with a full on box mod then you may feel that there isn’t enough flexibility.

Where Jacvapour did pack in flexibility is with the ability to change this vape mod from MTL to DTL simply by changing the coil, as mentioned above. We repeat it here because we think this is an important feature, and deserves to be in this section too. The last aspect of it that we need to mention in terms of features is just how mobile the S-17 TF is. It’s shorter than a lot of vape pens and very light. It can fit into your pocket or purse with ease, and it still performs at a high level. Certainly a big plus when it comes to this model.


  •  Up to 3.8V Power Output
  • Resistance Range: Minimum 0.5 ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  • Internal 900mAh Battery
  • Top Fill Tank Design
  • Size Specs: Width 17mm/ Height 70.5mm

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Jacvapour Series S-17 TF Vape Mod (Battery)
  • 1 Jacvapour Series S-17 TF Tank
  • 1 Jacvapour 1.00 MTL Coil
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

This is a brand that is very accessible, especially in the UK. As such, we would expect them to continue their tradition with easy to use products. Well, the S-17 is no exception to this, and it was really simple and functional. First of all, it charges the internal 900mAh battery in around an hour and a half. That’s not bad, especially given that it lasts quite a while.

Also very easy is the tank that comes with it. It features a top fill design that makes re-filling your e-liquid a cinch. You simply screw off the drip tip and you have access to filling your e-juice. Beware to not accidentally drip any in the center chimney by accident! Otherwise you may get some e-liquid when taking a draw, which is never fun.


Priced at only £24.99, the Series S-17 has to be considered a great value. Especially considering it’s top notch performance both as a vape pen and as a box mod of sorts. It won’t likely be the cost that would hold you back on this device.

The Verdict:

There’s a lot to like, and even love, about the Jacvapour Series S-17 TF vape mod. It is built well, and is very light and easy to take with you. Functionally, it’s easy to use and this version comes with a top fill tank (hence the “TF”) which is the way to go. The fact that you can really start as a beginner using this as a vape pen and then work your way up to more with new coils, is really remarkable. It means it can appeal to a wide audience.

If we had to mention one drawback, it’s that the DL coil really goes through your e-juice fast. We expected it to, but it goes even faster than some box mods. It just means you should always have a bottle of e-liquid on you, but most do that anyway. Really, what is most impressive is how a little vape mod like this can achieve spectacular performance. This makes it a good buy even for box mod veterans who want a portable option. Overall, with it’s wide appeal and excellent results, it looks like Jacvapour has struck on another winner.

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