Jacvapour Series S22 Vape Mod Review

Seeking to truly provide an option for every vaper, Jacvapour has a wide array of choices. The subject for today is the Jacvapour Series S22 Vape Mod. It’s really more of a device that falls between a vape pen and a box mod, and we’ve seen the veteran UK brand do this before. Here it comes with a large battery among other nifty points. Will the S22 find a niche for itself that sets it apart from the competitive vapour market? Come along and we’ll figure that out together.

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Jacvapour tends to have a certain style with their vape devices, and the Series S22 fits that perfectly. It’s sleek uniform, with delicate intonations of style. You won’t find a truly hard edge anywhere, as they have all been rounded off for a smooth look and feel. There is no screen on the Series S22, which makes sense for it, and also contributes to the uniformity. There is only the one button in the middle of the vape mod, and a light below it. The S22 tank that comes with it is matched to it in colour, so the entire unit will be black, navy, or grey. Due to customer feedback, Jacvapour actually widened the window area of the tank so you can really see your e-liquid levels – we loved this changed!

The build is of a very high quality, made of steel alloy with a rubber oil finish that feels as good as it looks. The fire button is made from polycarbonate and also has the same ABS rubber oil finish, as do the top and base caps. Really, as we would expect, everything is made with the utmost attention to detail and care. This Scottish brand is known for such, and again they have hit the mark. It held up well through the typical dings of travel, and because of its size and weight, was both portable and sturdy. It’s a fine line to walk, but they’ve done it remarkably well here.


As you would know if you’re a reader of our site, we believe none of this really matters without good performance. We love the beauty of a vape mod as much as anyone, and build quality is also vital, but without good performance it doesn’t mean much. Thankfully, this is a Jacvapour product and we would actually be surprised if the performance wasn’t at least good, if not great. That’s what happens when a brand creates a name, it sets expectations too. Yet, great brands have that for a reason – because they come through.

With the Series S-22, performance was well in line with what we imagined it could be. The vape mod ramps up very fast, and we were able to get vapour going almost immediatly. The amount of vapour was quite generous, and showed off the combination of S-22 tank and included MTL (mouth to lung) coil that really did a nice job. It isn’t as much vapour as you would get from a DTL (direct to lung) coil, but it more than held its own. It also gave out some really nice flavour tones, and that was across the array of e-liquids we tried it with.

If you want more vapour, simply pick up a Jacvapour DTL coil and swap it out in place of the pre-installed 1.0ohm MTL coil. With a DTL coil, and they come in either 0.5ohm or 1.0ohm varieties, we saw really large amounts of vapour. The clouds were nice indeed, if not quite up to a high powered box mod standard. The flavour did take a bit of a hit, but was still very nice and had a smooth draw.


You might be disappointed if you’re coming from the world of box mods, in that the S-22 won’t give you a lot of options in terms of modes. The plus side is that there isn’t a whole lot you need to learn or have experience with. You simply press the fire button and out comes the vapour. You do have some options with the tank, because you can adjust the airflow valve to create a tighter or weaker draw. For those making the switch from fags, getting a nice tight draw will be key to recreating that experience.

In that sense, like a lot of Jacvapour vape mods we’ve reviewed, the primary feature might be ease of use. Beyond that, we must say that the internal battery is a feature that we don’t always love (because changing out your own batteries makes it easier to upgrade and charge), but this time we thought it was fab! The 2600mAh battery charges quickly and easily got us through a day, and typically well into the next day’s morning of vaping. That’s outstanding and perfect for the type of vaper who wants a no-fuss experience.

  • -3.1 to 4.2V Power Output
  • – VV/Bypass Output Modes
  • – Resistance Range: 0.5 ohm minimum
  • – Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  • – 2600mAh Internal Battery
  • – One Button Vaping
  • – Size Specs: Width 27mm/ Height 125mm (with tank)

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Jacvapour Series S22 Vape Mod (Battery)
  • 1 Jacvapour Series S-22 Tank
  • 1 Jacvapour 1.0ohm MTL Coil
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

As mentioned above, the ease of use is one of the primary draws to the Jacvapour Series S-22 vape mod. You just charge it, add e-liquid, and start vaping. Charging is simple and fast, and you can also use it in bypass mode if your battery is dead. For those that don’t know what that is, basically you can plug in the USB charger and still continue vaping so you don’t actually have to wait for it to charge to use it.

Filling the e-liquid in the S-22 is also easy, given that it is a top fill design. Just unscrew the drip tip and add your e-juice along the sides of the opening. Beware to avoid the center chimney, because that is where vapour travels to your mouth and you won’t want it clogged with e-liquid (not a fun experience, trust me). Replacing the pre-installed MTL coil with a DTL coil is done by unscrewing the bottom of the tank from the top and glass.  You can then simply remove the coil and put in the new one. As with everything on this vape mod, it was straightforward and without any hassles.


Priced at only £34.99, Jacvapour seems to want to open this type of vaping up to everyone. Certainly it’s a low entry point for a device like this.

The Verdict:

Overall we couldn’t help but love yet another Jacvapour product. It is absolutely a breeze to set up and use, and is quite portable too. The ability to swap between good performing MTL to good performance DTL was also huge for us. It means beginners can come in and use the MTL coil, but toy with the DTL just by buying a new coil. That’s a really smooth transition and is a great model for vape growth.

On the downside, you are rather limited in terms of modes and fun features. It can also be pretty bland from an aesthetic perspective, but that’s always a personal taste thing. Still, with the performance you get and the incredible battery life, this is going to be a great choice for beginners and medium-level veterans alike. At the least it’s a great second option, but at this price point you can afford to make it one of several vape mods that you own. Either way, we think this is a product that is at home with most any vaper, and we give it a hearty recommendation.

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