Smok Majesty Resin 225W Review

Yes, it’s that time again. It’s time to review yet another Smok box mod. This time we’ll be looking at the Smok Majesty Resin 225W Kit, another in a long line of vape mods by the popular brand. While it is almost absurd the amount of box mods that Smok puts out every year, we’d still prefer that over very little. How does this latest model fit in with their expansive line of mods? Let’s get to it and tell you.

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Well, we have to give to Smok here for going a bit of a different route. It must be hard to design so many box mods every year and still make them look interesting. Here, Smok has went with a non-traditional look, that seems almost industrial. While the Majesty is rather box-y, it has smooth curves and a classic look. Slapped on the front is a display that is bordered with the relevant buttons and four uncovered screws. Some might say it seems out of place to the pretty resin colouring, but we liked the bold and raw design that seems set to strike a more unique look. After all, there are so many vape mods that, in the end, look almost the same. Not so with the Majesty Resin edition.

What they did keep, and what is becoming more of a standard, is the full bar fire button. All along the right side you’ll find that fire mechanism and, although it doesn’t feel as solid as the rest of this bod mod, it works well. In fact, the build overall is rather impressive. We’re talking about a device that is on the larger side as far as box mods go, but that is more than made up by the weighty and rugged feel.

The thing is, Smok is still able to create a look that most people will love, all the while backing it up with quality workmanship. There are no seams at all, and the buttons all clicked properly when depressed. The screen too was up to our standards, not to mention the included TFV8 X-Baby tank. We’ve reviewed Smok kits with a variation of this tank before and so we know we’re getting a quality product there too.


What we really want to know, is how this pairing of Smok’s Majesty Resin box mod and its TFV8 X-Baby perform. Taking it out for a test run, we were immediately impressed with both the vapour output as well as the flavour. The pre-installed Q2 dual coil took a little while to prime properly, but after that it was smooth sailing. That particular coil seemed to excel more in flavour, and at a lower wattage. You also get a T6 sextuple coil in the kit, and this setup is definitely aimed more at cloud chasers. You sacrifice some flavour, but you get much bigger swaths of vapour and can crank up the power a little higher to really stretch it out.

The Majesty as a vape mod itself provides good levels of power. This is a 225 watt device, although most people won’t be taking it up that high. That’s good, because we could never quite get up to that range, and our testing showed it tops out around 180 watts or so. A bit disappointing because of the promise of 225, but in practical terms it means little so we’ll let it slide.


Not much was held back here, as Smok clearly wanted the Majesty to have a flexibility that fits its target audience. Beyond the variable wattage mode that is expected, there are plenty of others you can play with. Of course, you get temperature control and that’s good for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. You also have the ability to choose hard, normal, and soft modes, which relate more to how stark the heat accumulation is.

For the more advanced user, you’ll be able to use the TCR mode to really fine tune your vaping experience. If you just want power, simply switch to bypass mode and fire away to your heart’s desire. You even have options with the colour screen, as you’re able to choose from a variety of colours for your display.

Here’s a list of the important features:

  • 1 to 225W Power Output
  • VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/TCR/Bypass Output Modes
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3 ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  • Uses Dual 18650 Batteries
  •  1” OLED Screen
  • Spring Loaded 510 Threading
  • Size Specs: Depth 46mm/ Width 30mm/ Height 85mm

Kit Layout:

smok majesty resin 225w

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Smok Majesty Resin 225W Box Mod
  • 1 Smok TFV8 X-Baby Tank
  • 1 Smok TFV8 X-Baby Q2 0.4 ohm Dual Coil (preinstalled)
  • 1 Smok TFV8 X-Baby T6 0.2 ohm Sextuple Coil
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Bag of Spare Parts
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

The Smok Majesty features the revamped menu system, which is a big hit. There are a lot of options for this box mod, so you’ll still have a learning curve. But Smok still made it rather intuitive, so after you get the hang of things you’ll be fine. This isn’t a touch screen, which would have made it even more intuitive, but all in all it’s still very easy as are most Smok box mods.

True to their reputation, Smok also made the X-Baby tank very easy to use. It screws on with almost no effort to the 510 threading of the Majesty. Refilling it is also a breeze, seeing as how it uses a top fill design. This is an easy fill design too, as you just push the drip tip aside to reveal the chamber for filling your e-liquid. Smok products are nothing if not easy to use, so it isn’t a surprise that bot the box mod and the tank get flying colours from us.


With a price point of £54.99 from our trusted vendor, this is a very reasonably priced box mod kit. You get a high powered vape mod, a very good tank, and some really nice coils too. Price is definitely a selling point on this model for what you get for your hard earned money.

The Verdict:

If you’re a fan of Smok box mods, you’re going to want to check this one out. It does seem that the Smok Majesty Resin 225W kit is placed a step above other box mods in Smok’s lineup, but we’re okay with that. It provides enough differentiators where you could argue that it deserves to be there. From the quality of the finish to the flavour and vapour performance, this is an excellent vape mod. You also get some rather good battery life, as you should expect to be able to vape all day with it, depends on your settings and usage of course.

On the flip side is that this isn’t the most mobile of devices. We’re used to seeing box mods gets smaller and lighter over time, but this one bucks that trend. It isn’t mammoth, but it you’ll probably have a hard time fitting it into your pocket comfortably. It also doesn’t really even approach the 225 wattage rating, but that’s more a problem with how they market it rather than how it is being used. Overall, this is an excellent entry by Smok and adds another quality box mod to their stable. If you’re looking for some more power, with a nice classic look, you should definitely pick yourself up a Majesty Resin 225W. It’s a great fit at a good price, and that gives it a thumbs up from us.

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