Smok X-Force E-Cigarette Review

It sure does seem the market for vape mods is going in two ways. One part of it is going to even more complex and customizable systems, while another part is trying to get vapers a high end experience but with a lot more simplicity. That second part seems to be on a wave right, and the Smok X-Force E-Cigarette Kit finds itself squarely within that. This is a very popular box mod brand that is trying to bring its expertise to a different part of the market. They call it an e-cigarette kit, but really it’s a sub-ohm vape mod made easy. They’ve done everything else well, so how will the X-Force be received? Let’s dive in and find out.

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In terms of design, we love what Smok is going for with this vape mod. This is a small and sleek, yet still stylized device. If the name X-Force was cool, you’ll think the design fits it to a T. It is really a beautiful look, that is both curvey and bold at the same time. It’s hard to explain without looking at it, but it just exudes futuristic simplicity done right. It also comes in six colours: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow. They’re basic too, but are produced in great hues and look really nice and not overdone. There is a fire bar on one side of the vape mod that blends into the device, only noticeable because it is black compared to the other colours. The tank is also pretty well hidden, despite being all in black and being at the top (attached to the mouthpiece). You’ll have to yank the top off and it comes out, but that isn’t so obvious.

The X-Force will absolutely fool you in terms of build. It is very, very light. That can be misleading because so many box mods that are light end up being, well, not too durable. However, Smok leveraged the power of polycarbonate to create a light device that is also quite strong. It isn’t rugged and you shouldn’t toss it around, but it will handle more than its fair share of nicks along the way. It is also very ergonomic, fitting into your hand surprisingly well and feeling like it was just meant to be there all along. We have to hand it to Smok, in both design and build they have really done a brilliant job.


In a way, the design and build aspects of a vape mod such as this matter more than anything. Yet, they still mean nothing if it doesn’t vape well. Thankfully, this is a Smok so felt fairly confident that they would come through in this department. Well, Smok dutifully delivered on that expectation, perhaps not to the level of a true box mod, but certainly for this class level. We’re talking about pod devices and simplified vape mods, of which the X-Force has to be considered one.

The wattage only gets up to 45, and nowhere on the device will it tell you that so just remember that it does. With the battery fully charged, it zooms right up to the top mark and leverages its power well to deliver really very nice vapour and flavour. You won’t get loads of vapour like a box mod, but it’s more than enough for most vapers. The flavours were really nice too, as Smok leverages their ceramic-insulated base to keep the coil functioning very well over time to produce very tasty results. Beginners will be blown away, while more veteran vapers will be thoroughly surprised at what this little device can do. As the battery life fades, you’ll see a drop in performance, so make sure you keep it pretty well charged.


The biggest feature of the X-Force is its simplicity. You fill the tank, charge the internal battery, and just vape away. In terms of results versus effort, it scores incredibly high. It’s true that 45 watts isn’t a lot, but it is more than other similar pod-based systems and it uses its power well. The 2000mAh internal battery charges up pretty quickly and will last you a pretty good length too. Expect to charge it once during the day, even if you are only a moderately active vaper. The important thing here, as noted above, is that the battery’s charge directly affects your vaping experience.


  •   45W Power Output
  •   One Level Power Output
  •   Voltage Range: 3.3V-4.2V
  •   2000mAh Internal Battery
  •   Internal Tank System
  •   Size Specs: Depth 52mm/ Width 30mm/ Height 102mm

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Smok X-Force Mod
  • 1 Smok X-Force Tank
  • 2 Smok X-Force 0.3ohm Coils (1 is pre-installed)
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

This category is key to the success of a vape mod like this, as it is a great part of its appeal. Here, Smok has done a great job in making it absolutely easy to use for even the most basic beginner. Besides charging the battery, all you really need to mess with is changing the ceramic coil every once in a while, and of course filling it with e-liquid. The tank comes out from the top by pulling it off. It’s a bit tough at first, but if you grab the mouthpiece and pull hard initially, the rest comes out smoothly. This kit comes with a spare coil, so that’ll keep you going for a while too.

From there you can replace the coil in the tank and fill it up with your e-juice. This is done from a side slot, which certainly means there it eliminates almost any chance of spillage. The downside is that it isn’t as easy as simply sliding back the drip tip and filling, as most modern box mod tanks are set up to do. Knowing when to re-charge can be a tad tricky. There are five LED lights that help tell you when that is needed, but they seem to go pretty quick. We would recommend that you start thinking about recharging as soon as you lose one of those light indicators.


The best price we’ve seen from reliable stores is £27.99, which will get you everything you need to start. It’s perhaps a tad more than some pod mod kits, but not by much, and seemingly for more value.

The Verdict:

The Smok X-Force E-Cigarette Kit marks yet another success for the veteran vape brand. This time they’ve set their sights on a market that wants things to come easy, and they’ve delivered on that promise. More than that, they’ve given them a really great performance and a stylish, well made device that delivers it. Oh and it comes in some nice colours too!

The biggest downside would be the quick drop in performance once the battery starts to deplete. This isn’t a huge deal, it just means you need to keep a charger handy. It’s also to be expected for a vape mod of this type, and it was the right choice to give users a great performance if this is the price to pay for it. We really enjoyed the X-Force overall. It’s a perfect device in many ways for beginners, and even more veteran users will enjoy it and its simplicity, even if only as a secondary device that is super light and portable. Another win for Smok, and nobody is surprised around here, that’s for sure!

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