VGod Pro 200W Review

The good people over at VGod do have a strange brand name, but they also have a history of producing advanced vaping products. They moved into e-liquids recently, but they have a long history box mods, rebuildable atomizers and other advanced vaping products. Well, they’ve come back to their core business with the release of the VGod Pro 200W box mod. Will this vape mod find its way into the hearts of vapers? Let’s see how it did in our review.

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We’ll be the first to admit that the VGod Pro 200 didn’t exactly draw us in, in terms of looks. It really didn’t remind us of anything in particular, just a metal box of sorts. If anything, we likened it to those old brick phones. You know, like the one Zach on Saved by the Bell wowed everyone with. Nostalgia aside, it wasn’t doing much for us. The button placement is a little strange too, but it does have a really beautiful screen. Another positive aspect of the design is the rubberized coating, making it nice and grippy.

It’s also on the heavy side. That can be seen mostly as a negative for vapers, but we do like the feel of this weight. It gives it a sense of authority in a way. This is one box mod you shouldn’t mess with. Also, it feels top notch in terms of build. While it doesn’t look amazing, and it is heavy, it has clearly had a lot of resources invested into it. The springy 510 connector at the top is another example of that, as all the tanks we tried slide so smoothly into place. Despite the first impression we had, we came away really positive about the build and that doesn’t happen a lot.


Clearly the insides of this device where were more of the energy was spent, as the performance was rather impressive. Turning it on we were met with lightning fast responsiveness, which gave way to a similar ramp up time. This box mod maxes out at 200 watts, and while we weren’t able to hit that top mark we did get rather close to it. Nobody really vapes at 200 watts consistently anyway, so it’s not a huge problem. What was more important was how quickly it was able to reach high wattage and the output.

Speaking of output, you won’t be disappointed by this VGod vape mod in that department. In combination with a few different tanks we tested, we were able to see enormous vapour clouds. I mean, really, it was almost absurd. The best wattage range in the vapour-flavour balance seemed to be around 70-80 watts, although at times bumping it up to 100 saw even better results. It really depends on the tank, coils, and e-liquid you use. The VGod Pro 200 will serve as a vehicle to get you incredible satisfying vapes, which in the end is the most important thing.


VGod threw a full array of features here, with a modes package that is really complete. Of course you have variable wattage, which is what most will use it for. You also have a really well done temperature control mode, good for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. It’s rather accurate, which isn’t always the case with TC modes.

While that’s more than enough for most, this box mod gives you more flexibility with a few more modes. The first is the so-called mech mode, which gives you constant 4.2V output and seeks to mimic mech mods. The second is a pro mode, which is just a name VGod gives for their power curve feature. This allows more advanced vapers to really tinker with their power output range and implementation. Here we see that they are marketing just as much to the higher end user as to the average vaper, if not more so.

  • 200W Maximum Power Output
  • VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/Mech/Pro Output Modes
  • Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  •  Uses Two 18650 Batteries
  • Colour OLED Screen
  •  Spring Loaded 510 Threading

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 VGod Pro 200W Box Mod
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

In this area, VGod has done a nice job of walking the line between ease of use and advanced features. The menu is displayed on a really nice colour screen, which always helps. It’s funny how just adding a little bit of colour makes it that much easier to scroll through a menu and find the settings you want. We’re actually surprised that a colour screen isn’t standard for box mods, but anyway, I digress. The menu itself is rather easy to get the hang of, with a bit of a learning curve in the more advanced modes. Overall, no complaints.

What we didn’t like as much was the placement of the fire button. For a smaller box mod it’s fine where it is, but for something big like this it makes it hard to simply fire with your thumb. Of course, that’s what we would expect from the look but it didn’t work out that way. Not a huge deal, but a minor annoyance. On the other hand, that great 510 connector also makes it really easy to swap tanks, and you’ll see good battery life with the two 18650s that you’ll need to power this baby. It’s a good trade-off overall.


Coming in at £59.99, this box mod is slightly on the more expensive side of things. Mind you, it’s a 200 watt machine with advanced features, so you can’t expect to get it for much less. In this case, it’s still a good value.

The Verdict:

While the first impression of the VGod Pro 200W box mod wasn’t the best, it quickly made a name for itself. We ended up liking the feel of the device quite a bit, despite it being large and on the heavy side. This isn’t the most mobile of vape mods, but having it sitting on your desk made for a wonderful vaping option. That is, if you are okay with clouds distracting you from your computer screen. The performance, as we mentioned, was outstanding and befitting of the quality name that VGod has built.

In the end, this is a box mod that we like a lot, but it isn’t a fit for everyone. If you’re looking for something to fit in your pocket, obviously this isn’t it. The same goes if you want your box mod to look pretty, which of course is also subjective – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, for a device this powerful and effective, with lots of great modes and advanced features, it shouldn’t be overlooked. We ended up liking this VGod  box mod a whole lot, and we’ll bet you will too.

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