Wismec Active 80W Review

We haven’t reviewed a Wismec product in some time, but the Active 80-watt kit certainly got our attention. This is a box mod that has an actual bluetooth speaker embedded into it. That’s not all! It’s also water resistant and plays music underwater. Is this all a gimmick or does it vape well too? We took it for a spin to check out all aspects of the Active, and we’re about to lay that out for you here below.

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What? You’ve never seen a vape mod that looked like a speaker? Yea, neither have we, and that definitely sets the Active apart. This is a pretty nice looking device, if on the boxy side with some hard edges. Then again they aren’t too hard because it’s designed to be rugged and comes with a silicone case that adds to the “active” look Wismec is going for. If you can take your eyes off the speaker-grill paneling you’ll find a rugged looking fire button along the side, with a small OLED screen below and your setting buttons under that.

The design and build go hand in hand with this box mod and that is a necessity when making a water-resistant device. For instance, the USB port below those +/- setting buttons comes with a silicone cap which needs to be closed tightly before placing the device in or near water. The attention to build is a must with a box mod that is meant to be used on the go and in conditions that most others wouldn’t stand up to. That shows and is felt in how the device sits perfectly in your hand and is solid in every respect.

As for the included Amor NS Plus tank, it doesn’t appear to have anything special about it in terms of design. It’s fine looking but just looks like a regular tank. It also doesn’t look any more rugged than a normal tank, but if it can vape well that’s really what we care about. Which happens to be the subject of our next section.


With all the extras that comes in this box mod, we’re actually talking about a lower wattage device. Hitting a maximum of 80 watts, this won’t be the vape of choice for cloud chasers. The Active itself does a good job of ramping up, although we found there were some inconsistencies in staying at the top end of its stated power range. Mostly this wasn’t noticed, but it got us off to a bit of a rocky start.

Wismec includes two different coils along with the Amor NS Tank. It comes with both a sub-ohm DTL (Direct to Lung) that rates at 0.2ohm as well as an MTL (Mouth to Lung) coil that rates at 1.3ohm. It’s nice to have some options, especially with power being on the lower side of things for the Active. The sub-ohm coil did it’s best to churn out some good vapour, but clearly that isn’t the forte of this box mod. The MTL coil on the other hand did an admirable job, giving us a really simulation of what cigarette smoking felt like. In both cases the flavour was nice, but the vapour wasn’t huge. If you’re an MTL vaper, you’ll find the performance falls in a pretty good spot, but you’ll be sorely disappointed if you’re looking for big swaths of vapour as a DTL vaper.


In vaping terms, this vape mod comes with the standard features you should expect. Of course you have a variable wattage mode, and then you have your temperature control (TC) mode which is becoming a must these days. The TC mode is good for stainless steel, titanium and nickel and works very well. You can also put the Active in bypass mode and simply use up all that power that it has.

The non-standard features are the ones that Wismec likes to highlight because they are what sets the Active apart. We’re talking about the bluetooth speaker to begin with, and it actually sounds pretty good! We even put it underwater to test its ability to produce sound, and sure enough we had no problem at all. A few, ahem, accidental drops showed us that this box mod is as rugged as it looks too.

Here’s a list of the important features:

  • 1 to 80W Power Output

  • VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/Bypass/Music Output Model

  • Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5 ohm

  • Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600

  • Internal 2100mAh Battery

  • 0.91” OLED Screen

  • Spring Loaded 510 Threading

  • Size Specs: Depth 55.6mm/ Width 26.6mm/ Height 94.5mm

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Wismec Active 80W Box Mod

  • 1 Wismec Amor NS Plus Tank

  • 1 WS04 1.3ohm MTL Coil

  • 1 WS01 0.2ohm DTL Coil

  • 1 USB Cable

  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

Getting the Active up and running was a snap. The menu is very straightforward and clear, which is good because the screen is on the smaller side. There aren’t that many options for you, which also makes it easy to use. In terms of the speaker, we were able to connect it via bluetooth to a number of devices without any issues. There are play buttons along the side of the box mod, opposite of the fire button, so controlling the music was also very simple.

The only downer in terms of its use with the internal battery, which didn’t get us through the day. Part of that is surely our using the speaker, and without that it might have lasted a full day, but we were still disappointed. I suppose the trade off is worth it, but for a lower wattage device to need a recharge during the day means you have to think ahead.


The lowest price we found from a respectable source is £69.99. That’s a little higher than what we are used to from an 80 watt vape mod, but you have to account for this device being made so ruggedly and also being your music player. It does come with a tank at that price and also an internal battery, so when factoring all that in, the price doesn’t seem so high.

The Verdict:

The Wismec Active 80W box mod is a really unique product in the world of vaping. We’re not sure any vaper went around thinking to themselves “if only my vape mod could play music too!” but it certainly is a cool feature. The fact that it is water resistant and so very rugged means taking it with you on trips and hikes, as is intended, is ideal.

Of course the only problem there is the battery not lasting you throughout the day. For an MTL vaper, that might not be such a huge issue, but it is something to account for. Really this device is more targeted toward beginners who are just making the switch, and for them the performance will hold up pretty well. If you’re a more veteran vaper, it likely won’t be enough for you. But if you’re new to vaping and going out for a run or hike for and want a vape mod to take along, this one is as good a choice as any. Wismec hits the mark for that niche very well and, hey, you can play music underwater with it!

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