Wismec Reuleux Tinker 300W Review

We’re no strangers to Wismec’s Reuleux line, which is one of the more popular ones they have. Perhaps in box mods as a whole, truthfully. Wismec has historically been a brand name to depend on and vapers aren’t often let down by what they deliver. With that in mind, we were enthused to grab the new Wismec Reuleux Tinker 300W kit to see what this really colourful device could do. Has Wismec continued their great tradition? We’ll put the Tinker to the test and find out.

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So, we would have to say that the design of the Tinker is, out there. Some people will love it right away with the colour everywhere and the interesting lines, but others may take some time getting used to it. Certainly, Wismec didn’t shy away from pushing the envelope on design. If it looks a lot like the trainers you run with, that’s because Wismec has actually done this on purpose, more or less modeling it after a Nike shoe. We’re not sure if Nike is proud or upset (or more likely it isn’t on their radar), but one has to take it as a compliment.

Beyond the initial look, we can say that the Tinker appears very ergonomic in its curves, even before you touch it. They’ve sculpted areas for your fingers to go, and given access to buttons from there. The tinker is a box mod with a belly of sorts, but that’s because this is a high wattage vape that takes three batteries. For a product that is on the larger side, they’ve done a great job designing it to look rather slim.

In terms of build, Wismec really hit the mark. We didn’t think something so colourful could also feel so incredibly sturdy. It feels like this box mod would win a knife fight, because its opponents would never be able to pierce its exterior. All the buttons are clicky and secure, and that’s even before we mention. The Wismec Column not only looks the part of the Tinker, it feels just as solid in construction. We came away feeling that we underestimated the build of this kit just based on its colour scheme, and that’s not a mistake we’re going to make again!


Setting aside our previous predispositions, we took on the performance aspect with a clear mind. This is a 300 watt beast, and we don’t test many of those anymore, so we knew it would be something different. Truth is, nobody really needs 300 watts, but it’s nice to have lots of power anyway. The Tinker did a great job ramping up. In fact, it was almost lightning fast, especially within the first 150 watts. It still climbed steadily past 220-230, but at around 250 we encountered some resistance. Still, that’s a lot of wattage and more than what most anybody needs.

Paired with the included Column tank, we were about to get some really nice vaping sessions out of it. This was especially so in the sub-100 watt range where it showed that even a bigger box mod can hang in this lower range. Beyond that, we did get some nice vapes but there was a slight loss in flavour, and that was even more so at the top end of the range. Vapour production was actually rather good, especially in the middle wattage range. On a whole it gave us some nice performances overall, especially in the lower to mid-range, but nothing that necessarily blew us away.


In terms of feature set, we actually want to start out by talking about the battery life. Sure, this is a three battery monster so we expect great battery life, but still. We routinely were able to get a day and a half of vaping out of it, and sometimes it approached two full days. Wow! Now, mind you that will also depend on your settings and usage, but it is so refreshing not having to worry about recharging.

The modes included are those that have become pretty standard at this point. You have your variable wattage mode as your base, and a temperature control mode for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. While this used to be an added feature in the past, most vape mods will include them these days. Also prevalent and included here is a TCR mode, so more advanced users can tinker (see what we did there?) with power distribution and get things just right. There aren’t any extra special modes, but the important ones are here and they work well – which is really what matters.


  • 1.4 to 300W Power Output
  •        VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/TCR Output Modes
  •        Resistance Range: 0.5-1.5 ohm (TC); 0.5-3.5ohm (VW)
  •        Temperature Range: 100-315C/200-600F
  •        Uses Three 18650 Batteries
  •        0.96” Colour Screen
  •        Spring Loaded 510 Threading
  •        Size Specs: Depth 56mm/ Width 44mm/ Height 130mm (with tank)/ Weight 266g

Kit Layout:

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 300W Box Mod
  • 1 Wismec Column Tank
  • 2 Wismec WL01 0.15ohm Mesh Coils (1 is pre-installed)
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Bag Spare Parts
  • 1 User Manual

Ease of Use:

The Wismec menu is one we know and are comfortable with, and so there wasn’t much of a learning curve here. We’ll still say that it was really simple even for someone without any experience using a Wismec box mod. We do have to mention that the colour screen was a little smaller than we’re used to seeing lately, especially for a larger box mod such as this one. It’s still easy to navigate, but a larger screen would have been nice.

As for the Column tank, we found it to be entirely straightforward. Wismec went the top-fill route, which we appreciate very much. It just makes things easy. You push forward the drip tip a little to reveal a nice sized entry hole and simply drip away. When you’re done, slide it back into place. It’s a wonder things used to be done any other way. Changing coils is also very simple, and the entire tank slides onto the box mod with ease and no friction at all.


The best price we found from our reliable vendors is £99.99, which is no small number for most vapers. Taking into consideration that this kit comes with a tank, is 300 watts, and takes three batteries, makes the price understandable and very reasonable.

The Verdict:

We can’t say that the Wismec Reuleux Tinker 300W is a box mod for everyone. To begin with, it has a funky colour design that you’ll either like or feel disconnected from. Then, this is a 300 watt machine which not everyone goes for. Since it houses three batteries, it’s also bigger than most vape mods you’re used to seeing these days. If you think we’re leading up to saying this is a bad purchase… then you’d be wrong.

In the end, we really took a shine to the Tinker. It’s very ergonomic, gets you really nice performances in the wattage range that most people stick to, and last forever. We mean, forever. That three battery setup is such an advantage that it can find a place among many vapers box mod lineups. It may not be the first one you for, but it is fun to use, does its job, and will assuredly be charged up. For the price, we still think it is a good buy, even though it prices itself out of some people’s range. If you’re willing to make the investment, it would make for a great addition to your vaping hardware.

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